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Various Type of Website Hosting in The Market

A very important aspect when we start a website is the choice of web hosting. If we do not have much idea, we leave this choice in the hands of the provider, and if we have a minimum idea, we usually use the most economical.  Now, we will see the different types of web hosting and some tips when choosing the best hosting for your website.

What is web hosting?

Basically, it is the space or “place” where the website is hosted. You need this so that anyone who has access to the internet can see it.

There are many types of Web Servers in the market. In this article, we will explain the four most typical and outstanding.

Types of Hosting Available


It is a hosting model in which a large number of clients shares server resources. They usually have the disadvantage that you don’t have total control over it and its performance. 

Your website will be hosted on a server to share among many other pages. Often, there are too many websites on one server.

As a client, you will only have access to a limited part of the computer resources. They are usually economical and easy to use. It is mostly suitable for beginners.

However, they tend to be slower and with a higher failure rate that depends a lot on the type of server and company. They are usually appropriate for hosting small-sized or low-volume websites or for email.

There may be the case that a page with which we are sharing a server, suffers an attack, or has a programming failure or either damage performance or directly drops the server.


In this case, you hire an entire physical server. As a result, it allows you to control and enjoy 100% of its resources without sharing them with anyone or depending on others. They are more expensive servers and require qualified personnel to manage it. But of course, you can enjoy 100% of the power of the computer.

It is the Ferrari of web hosting. The best solution if we want to have maximum control of what exists in our machine and seek maximum performance.


It is the intermediate step between shared and dedicated hosting. We do not have a physical server here, but we will have a reserved space, with dedicated resources just for us.

We can say that it is a physical computer whose resources are divided between X users. (There are usually not many, not as many as in a shared server.)

The main advantage is that users have control over the server as if it were their own. VPS Server are usually much more powerful than shared sever but usually require technical personnel to manage it.


It is a cloud-based technology, which provides a set of virtual capabilities to several data centers. 

It is something like sharing, among several hosting companies, the resources of all. It allows you to enjoy the advantages of a VPS server but with the advantages of the cloud. 

If one server goes down, another one with the same information will always be up. This will bring speed and flexibility and scalability to your business website. You can increase or decrease the power of your server according to the needs of your web project.

The cloud hosting is a network of servers designed to provide maximum stability. To quickly understand cloud hosting, we must think that our website will not be on one server but available on many servers. The resources will be shared among several machines so that if one fails, there will always be another one that responds, offering maximum stability.

Which is the best type of Server for my business website?

At HostingRaja, we will advise you on the type of server or website hosting plan that best suits your project. You have to evaluate the technical characteristics that your website may require based on a series of factors and needs.