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Optimising Your Website for the Search Engines 

In today’s modern, high-tech world, there are new websites popping up every day in almost every industry, and with this in mind SEO has never been so important, holding the ability to allow websites to rank well within the search engines for their most profitable and valuable keywords and more. When looking to capture the optimum amount of traffic online it is vital for businesses to employ a Digital marketing agency Lancashire to gain the best results, however it is also vital that these people also understand what SEO is and learn the best practices so that they can ensure the correct work is being carried out by their chosen agencies.

There are many individual elements which make up SEO and a number of best practices which must be adhered to. When it comes to optimising your website for the search engines there are many steps that needs to be carried out including but not limited to the following:

Initial Optimisation

Your website must be closely analysed in order to determine any changes that need making. During this process a number of site elements must be assessed such as navigation, context and overall cosmetics of the website. It is important to remember that search engines look at domain names, title tags and header tags to assist them in ranking websites according to relevance. During this stage, worksheets should be created listing all works that needs completing. At this stage competition should also be reviews identifying where they are stronger than you and aspects which you must work on in order to compete better.

Initial SEO also compromises of keyword researching so that the most valuable and profitable keywords can be determined, these keywords should then be straight away included in your website content, placing each keyword on your website’s most relevant page in an organic style. They should also be placed within URLS and website headers.

Ongoing Optimisation

SEO is an ongoing process, one in which is never ‘complete’. Even once rankings have been gained, which can take while, it is vital for SEO to be continued in order to keep the rankings which you have worked hard for.

Some of the things that you or your chosen SEO agency should be doing in order for SEO to work as amazingly as possible are:

  • Keep providing new content to keep visitors interested and coming back for more
  • Getting other websites to link back to you, building good incoming or backlinks
  • Creating a site map and ensuring it is always up to date
  • Validating any updated HTML coding
  • Keeping social media presences up to date and relevant

These are just basic guidelines too, SEO really is a minefield best left to the professionals, however it does pay to know the basics so that you can ensure that you don’t get ripped off!