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Fashion Brand win big in China betting on digital 

                  When you are wearing clothing, you are really wearing a brand, this brand is a sign of your economic prosperity in the general public.

So why is it the motivation behind it, marking is very important in the field of fashion. We will explain to you the importance of it through some tips.

I want some of you, why do Chinese people constantly change the global brand name? Reebok is “Rui Boo” in Chinese, which means instant progress and Coca-Cola is “Kelly” which Kiefer enjoys, “Jia Li Fu” signifying “excited family.”

Therefore for every brand, Chinese need to discover a meaning and connect it to some of the Chinese ideas and characteristics.

On this occasion, when you need to send your fashion icon in China, you should get an equal place in Chinese.

Online networking and e-infamy

Fashion brands must have the option of combining informal outfit accessories, for example, Weibo and Waquet.

A brand has waged an incredible informal community war.

Burberry’s Weibo account has reached more than 1 million followers with an organized stage and has managed to maintain its extraordinary position with the volatility of its supporters. If you need to know about Burberry’s accomplishments in China, you can click here.

Burberry has caught the eye of an effective substance by refreshing important and intuitive substances. For example, in preparation for the Chinese New Year of 2016, Burberry has developed an intuitive tool to swipe a WeChat client and open the blessing and send custom e-cards to contact customers.

Press and e-notoriety have a significant impact in the fashion industry. At this point, when Chinese consumers need to analyze or find new patterns and information about a fashion brand, they will check online at various fashion online magazines. In the event that you need to make a name for yourself in the fashion business, you need to know about these sites below:

Both sites are extremely influential within the Chinese fashion network. You can see how a new number and popular people are encouraged. You can find your perfect style with these fashionable figures.

Vogue’s site is a prominent site in the high fashion industry. Along with Central Proof Reader Angelica Cheung, the most influential fashion lady who has succeeded in attracting and educating Chinese people towards the wave of fashion.

Impact of KOL on the Fashion Industry

When talking about fashion brands, you need to talk about the important headlines as this is a reference in the fashion industry. The kind of clothes and clothes that celebrities wear will affect Chinese fashion preferences.

For example, you’ve probably seen this old style coat of aircraft called the American Flying Car Armed Force pilot styled in the teens right away. Has become the new stylish style.

Here you can see a photo of Liu Wen, the famous Chinese superstar most impressed by the fashion industry, who is wearing this “airplane coat” and you can also see that he has introduced young Chinese fashion Stylish style.

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