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Growth Hacking: Actionable SaaS Growth Hacking Strategies

Do you ever dream of your Software as a Service business to turn into a multi-million dollar company?

That goal might be challenging to reach unless you have a lot of money and you are doing a fantastic job for years.

But do you also know that by trying your hand on several growth hacking strategies, you will be able to reach your goals faster than you could ever have imagined?

Growth hacking has paved the way for a lot of companies and developers to achieve crazy growth. Here are some actionable strategies that you could apply to your SaaS lead generation business:

Develop a Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing has always been crucial in driving organic traffic, helping lower acquisition cost.

That said, you can tap a SaaS marketing agency to help you create pieces of content that are both educational and engaging. Doing so is a low-cost way to create brand trust and help turn your readers into paying customers.

Just keep in mind that you also need to optimize your blog posts for buyer keywords.

Having a content strategy will allow you to guide your customers throughout each stage of the buyer’s journey, and be a constant source of leads and conversions in your SaaS company.

Implement a Retargeting Pixel

Visitors who leave your site without buying anything or signing up for your newsletter will probably be gone forever. Thus, you miss out on the opportunity to convert them into paying customers.

But when you place a retargeting pixel on your site, you can entice those who bounced off to return and purchase something.

After someone leaves your site without taking any kind of action, a retargeting pixel will follow them around the internet, whether they are on Facebook or other websites with display ads, with targeted ads that will entice them to revisit your website.

Use Your Email List for Social Media

A highly engaged and active social media following will do wonders for your online visibility. The more followers you have, the more likely that you’ll create viral content, improve your rankings, and attract more people through referrals.

To boost your social media, you can place your existing email into good use. Whether it’s built or bought, you can utilize tools to look for highly targeted accounts, connect to them, and expand your network.

Use Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has been used by brands out there for a long time with massive success, and it has turned out to be a huge trend in the SaaS world as well.

Using influencer marketing for SaaS companies make a lot of sense. Think of Canva’s chief evangelist, Guy Kawasaki. The reason he’s effective as what he does is that he is relatable to the people within his niche.

When you deal with an audience in the SaaS industry, you need an authority figure with a large following. That way, he can give your business a branding boost, as well as spread the word about your service to relevant people.

But first, to make that possible, you need to look for an influencer that matches your SaaS business’s values, as well as someone who’s social media following is made of people who are likely to use your software.

Offer a Free Trial

Of course, nothing comes for free, especially in the business world. But in the case of SaaS, chances are, people will not be spending a lot on software.

Giving them a free trial even just for a couple of days is effective in boosting customer retention and engagement. Now, it is up to you to offer the kind of product and service quality that your potential users.

If everything goes smoothly, your customers would keep on asking for trials and extensions. You could also convert them into paid ones after they are satisfied.

Implement a Referral Program

Who do you trust more: An ad or a recommendation made by a friend?

For most customers, a recommendation made by a friend is far more meaningful and convincing. That’s why implementing a referral program is one of the most important growth hacks that can help boost the number of sign-ups on your platform.

In fact, brands like Airbnb, Paypal, and Dropbox have certainly utilized the referral technique, because it certainly does increase the number of sign-ups on their platform.

By giving several benefits for every referral, it will encourage your customers to be more involved in your platform. At the same time, giving them a chance to earn more by bringing in more people.

Your platform could also be getting more links and traffic through referral links.

Make UX Your Top Priority

If you want to build a loyal customer base, then you have to provide your customers with seamless user experience.

The first step that you need to take is to ensure that your website is convenient to use across all devices.

The same principle applies to your product. It should be easy to access and use, no matter what device they’re on.

Finally, you have to provide your clients with excellent customer support, especially when they’re facing issues.

Create an FAQ Section

Although this might not initially seem to be like a growth hack, an FAQ section can do wonders for your SaaS business.

For one, it could help you attract more traffic from Google. Second, you can save time from answering repetitive and commonly asked questions.

There’s a good reason why people are asking them over and over, and answering them on your site would mean a great deal of help. Just don’t forget to tell your team to write down any customer question or query, and get the questions that are asked the most.

It will also tell you more about the site’s design and interface. Maybe it’s causing some sort of confusion, and they have to get in touch with your website’s support team to clear things out. You can then use this information to improve your SaaS product and website’s UX.

Create a Viral Signup Process

Most sign-up forms need information like the user’s name and email address. But why do you have to stop there? You can experiment on creating sign-up forms that are viral.

So, instead of asking users standard contact information, you can ask them to share the sign-up form with a couple of friends.

As long as you have an easy time making referrals, like placing social media integration and asking for about 2-3 shares, then there is a good chance that you will be seeing a considerable amount of net gain from these sign-ups.

Doing all the hustle along with effective growth marketing strategies will give you big rewards. So, you do not have to wait any longer. It is high time that you jumpstart your SaaS company today by experimenting with these growth hacks.