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Myths That You Shouldn’t Believe About Electric Standing Desks

Height adjustable standing desks are becoming a part of the modern lifestyle as more people realize the importance of standing, movement, and maintaining the right posture. However, as the history of human civilization would have it, myths have always been an integral part of people’s lives in different age and timeline and this is equally true for electric standing desks where certain myths have made their place in people’s mind, thereby barring them from buying the products without any doubt. 

Some misconceptions about electric standing desks

  • Many people believe that electric standing desks are quite expensive. But to be more specific and particular about their features, we must remember that they have more positive aspects than the manual desks. Considering the benefits that these electric standing desks come with, spending some extra bucks shouldn’t seem a big hole in your pocket.
  • There’s also a notion that electric standing desks use a lot of electricity. Well, this again is a big misconception. These desks make a nominal use of electricity as much is needed for them to function properly. Moreover on standby, these desks use very little electricity; the usage is so small that you don’t even need to unplug it after adjusting its height. What’s more, this also lets you adjust immediately as electricity is always available.
  • Some of you might also think that in case of a power outage, your desk will collapse. This is absolutely not the case because the desk is already adjusted and why would it fall off. It’s not a computer that it will collapse during a power failure. Moreover, if it would collapse on power disconnection, then you surely wouldn’t be able to unplug it ever.
  • These are high-profile and multifunctional desks so they might be a bit heavy. People usually think it will take some time to move them from one place to another but there’s nothing to consider it as a big problem.

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