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Time Table For NEET 2022

“A plan is what, schedule is when. It takes both a plan and a schedule to get things done” – Peter Turla.

Any learner would vouch for the significance of a study planner. Success at an exam is assured only when all aspects of it are covered, be it the pattern or even equal allocation of time to each subject. This is best taken care of by an effective and personalized timetable in place.  

In this article, we understand the need and importance of a timetable and the various aspects that go behind successful preparation of a competitive entrance test such as NEET 2022. Let’s learn some important pointers which can be inculcated in study routines. 

Need for A Timetable 

Organizes your learning – Students are able to deal with chaotic situations with an effective timetable in hand. From arranging books, to scheduling the day, a good time table instructs one to declutter and make the most of every minute.

Stress-free – with a plan, one is assured to just follow it ensuring those small steps are taken to achieve that ultimate goal of yours. This prevents the mounting of unnecessary stress. It serves as a map channelizing all efforts in the right direction. 

Setting priorities – a time table helps analyze and hence accordingly allocate slots to important topics, thus saving time. 

Establishes study goals – while preparing a time table, one starts to evaluate and gauge the various metrics to set up weekly/daily/monthly goals. Achieving these, one by one motivates to only move forward, ascertaining progress. 

Some Points To Note While Making A Timetable

Time of the day – typically, early morning is considered to be the best time to learn as the brain tends to be most active and sharpest at this time after a rejuvenating sleep. It is the best time to grasp some new information. 

Minimum efforts, maximum outcome – dedicate least time to study and avoid marathon study sessions. Dedicate more time on picking up what was learnt already, revisions and practising. 

Syllabus knowledge – syllabus for NEET is vast, covering 97 chapters. It is pivotal to know the syllabus and hence devise a NEET preparation time table. Glance through the weightage of each topic in the syllabus.

Customizations – avoid using any downloadable, and printable timetables available online. It is always suggested using a tailor-made timetable. This way you are taking into account every single detail which can either make or break it for you. 

Slots to assess – evaluate your weak areas and plus points. The best way to assess this is to get into the self-assessment mode by taking up numerous tests and hence analysing your performance. Dedicate enough time slots for this activity.

Setting goals – ensure to include daily/weekly and monthly goals. Put in all the efforts to achieve them. These goals propel you further by providing a sense of achievement which is highly rewarding. 

Please Note

  • Ensure to follow and execute the prepared time table without fail
  • Refrain from setting overambitious, unrealistic targets. It can demotivate you and lead to disappointment 
  • Avoid getting misled and deviating from the plan due to lack of focus. Do not undermine its importance. Initially, it can be a bit overwhelming, with time you will develop a habit 
  • Refrain from being in a circle which discourages the use of a timetable. Instead, follow those who have already been successful by following such plans and pick up their nuances

These were some pointers to help you best prepare an effective NEET preparation time table. For more interesting content on NEET, subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube Channel.