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More on ArchiverFS As Well As Other Products Being Developed

This company MLtek Software currently is involved with developing more products.

Major Products

The major products are the ArchiverFS file management product which is not like any other archiving or file management software. It does not try to store files in a database, rather, it uses a share that you create on the network. It is using NTFS from beginning to end that makes this product so reliable, fast, and extremely scalable.

NTFS permissions

The NTFS permissions are maintained exactly on your folders and files after they have been processed. This is unlike most database centered products and you still get all the features you would expect. These include shortcuts that are left behind so that users can recall files without needing help from the IT staff. Also, since there is no database to store files in or information about files being processed, it is extremely cost effective to deploy. You can move files over a WAN to a cloud service such as AWS, Azure or Google Cloud.

Adds up

All of this adds up to giving you huge scalability at a comfortable price. Their clients come from an assortment of government organizations and companies including multi-nationals worth multi-billions to local governments, educational institutions, health authorities as well as every type organization in between.

This product cannot only help you in making the most of your current tier storage, but it can help with regulatory compliances such as Data Protection as well as even the new EU based GDPR regulations. To find out more about ArchiverFS, click here for information.

Process Controller

The process controller software lets you take over control of the process running on your systems. It lets you use the processing priority engine that is currently build into Windows to be the controller of how processor time is distributed among all the processes that are running. By using Process Controller, one can automatically set priorities for processes running and have them persist between the reboots and processes restarting, making the systems far more responsive to the end user.

IP Spider

IP Spider is the newest mass network monitoring product. This is totally unique in the monitoring world. Instead of focus being on endpoints, it is designed for monitoring the network routes in between endpoints.

You can add in hundreds of IP addresses and IP Spider will watch over the routes to and from them, then it will make notification when connectivity is lost. Those products use a proprietary learning engine to recognize bad vs good routes and diagnose where connectivity was lost. This includes lost connectivity down VPN tunnels, on the internet, etc.

IP Spider is presentlybeing developed and will soon start looking for Beta sites. If you would like to help, please email us at

Check out more about the best storage to use for the ArchiverFS file management product

The first thing that needs to be deciding on is the ArchiverFS features that you will like to use. ArchiverFS has a wide assortment of functions that offers “granular control” of the process of archiving, continuous NTFS permissions as well as links truly seamless to archived files. But, the 2nd line storage that is chosen will have a large impact on how these features that will function in your environment.

Hosting best Windows OS

ArchiverFS works its best when it is hosted on your live as well as 2nd tier files systems using a Windows OS. It can be a full Windows server, or it can be implanted copy of Windows Storage Server – it really does not matter. They will all offer you with a full range of features as well as functionality with the software. If Windows Server 2008 or later is used for both storage of old files as well as the live file system, then all work as it is intended too. You even can use a desktop OS later than Windows Vista to host your 2nd tier storage if needed; again, everything works well.

Using Non-Windows OS’s for storage

If you cannot present 2nd line storage to you networks with a Windows operating system via a NAS (or other storage device) with Windows Storage Serverembedded or either a VM buthave no fear as there are other options.

Devices from a manufacturer who is mainstream running on Linux resultant OS rather than a Windows OS are far cheaper than Windows equivalent with good reliability and excellent feature sets.

A note about iSCSI devices

iSCSI Devices gives great flexibility. If the Volumes are on iSCSI devices can be accessible to a “Hypervisor” and are on a VM that is running Windows OS, then shared to your network. As this volume is being shown to the network with Windows operating system, the main storage device can run any operated system while not affecting the functions that areaccessible in ArchiverFS. By merging an iSCSI permitted NAS device with a small devoted VM, you will be able to have the top of both worlds.