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Best ZTE and Mac sync app

The name of the best ZTE and Mac sync app is SyncMate. You could not just sync both the devices using this app, but there are other features too that this app has to offer you. Have a look in the section below, to know about them.

Android file transfer alternative

Synchronize your ZTE device with Mac OS and you will see that the files from your device could be easily transferred to Mac. With this amazing feature, Syncmate has become the best alternative for android file transfer. You could copy and delete files easily and the phone could be managed from your computer.

Finder features for ZTE

Once the synchronization between the ZTE and Mac is done, the device is treated by the finder. It kinds of becoming the external drive for your ZTE. So, the features that you can include copying different files, archiving them and moving more than one folder at a time.

Contacts and calendars syncing

Feeding all the important info related to dates and contacts might be a hectic and tiring business, but a lot of people do it. If you start using the Syncmate application, you will be sorted. It syncs all the contacts and calendar nicely and both the ZTE and Mac would be updated with the correct info all the time.

The best music always with you

If you have created an iTunes playlist at your Mac OS and want to have it on your ZTE device, then you could do it very easily now. Syncing Android ZTE with Mac is very easy and the best benefit of this syncing is that you could copy the entire playlist from your computer to the ZTE device.

Multimedia manager

SyncMate, android ZTE sync tool for Mac is very versatile. It allows you to transfer the photos and videos from one device to another and along with that; you could change the resolution of the images or the videos that you are transferring.

Texting from your computer

SyncMate, along with a lot of other features, gives you the liberty to text, using the keyboard of your Mac. In this way, the texting process becomes very easy.

Quick file transfer

A lot of applications claim that the way in which they do the file transfer is the best. If you have believed in any such things, then you should use the Syncmate app once. The application transfers not just one file, but the whole folder at a time.

Direct use of the app

The file transfer is done directly from the application associated with it. If the contacts are being transferred, it is transferred from the address book. Similarly, if the music is transferred, it is transferred from iTunes.

Automation in everything

The app has the feature of automatic update. If both the devices are synchronized to each other, no matter what are you doing on your system, the important data would be updated automatically.

So, these are the features that you get with SyncMate app. It is a very versatile app and if you want to sync your ZTE with Mac, this is the best option.