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Four Ways to Save Money on Printer Ink

Printer ink is not cheap so you want to find the best possible deals on this product in the market. Fortunately, there are many ways to save money on ink such as trying third-party ink cartridges and signing up for an ink subscription service. Below are some tips to help you reduce your ink cost:

Leave your Inkjet Printer On

This will help you avoid triggering a maintenance cycle every time you use the printer. This can yield significant savings from your ink cost as a lot of printers use as much ink to clean the print heads as they did for actual printing. If you are concerned about the cost and environment impact from the extra energy, you will be pleased to know that Inkjets consume very little power when not in use. This means that the savings you enjoy on the ink outweigh these concerns.

Consider Shopping for Ink from a Third-Party

Some people consider aftermarket inks a welcome alternative to the high-priced replacement cartridges made by their printer manufacturer. These inks are usually sold by third parties in recycled and refilled cartridges. But, these inks have their downsides. Aftermarket inks do not always work well. They may even clog the printer heads, leaving obvious bands or streaks in the printouts. Thus, if you choose this route, ensure you the aftermarket ink cartridge comes with a great satisfaction guarantee. Check out 123Ink ink and office supplies.

Subscribe to Ink Delivery Services

This means that when you own a compatible HP printer, consider signing up for HP Instant Ink which automatically offers ink refills when you need them. How much you will pay for this service every month will depend on the number of pages you print, instead of how much ink you use. Your printer will monitor the page count and contacts HP to order ink refills when you run low.

Consider Using a Black-and-White Laser Printer

Laser printers are often associated with home offices or small businesses. However, they can be very affordable and attractive for daily use. As monochrome lasers produce speedy, high-quality text, they are typically more cost-efficient than inkjets.

With a lot of inkjet printers, users encounter the message “out of ink” more often than they would like even if they only have to print in black. Laser printers come with a toner that lasts longer. That is why the overall cost of ownership tends to stay low.