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Why are patient portals important for the healthcare industry?

Why are patient portals important for the healthcare industry

What are patient portals?

Patient portals are a website that is connected to the EHR (Electronic Health Record) that mainly centres on patient access to medical data. It is an amazing tool allowing the patient to closely look into various data points such as doctors’ notes, lab results, immunizations, discharge reviews, their medical histories, and many more.

A few patient portals just let the patient view demographic and health history data, whereas others give immediate lab report updates. The info accessible to the patient via patient portal time and again counts on the portal vendor, plus the standards of a specific medical facility.

Patient portals go ahead of offering patients a window where they can view their medical data. In many patient portals, there are features like online meeting scheduling, prescription refill requests, direct securing messaging, and online bill payments.

This innovative technique is at present gaining great hype in the medical field. As per the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, about 64 percent of medical facilities provided their patients with the access to watch, send out, and download their medical data in the year 2014. Patient portals have greatly helped in improving the patient experience.

Patient portals have 2 significant forms that are integrated services and standalone systems. Standalone systems exist just as a web tool, not included with a complete practice management software suite.

How do healthcare providers promote the use of the medical center patient portal?

As the medical center patient portal has numerous benefits, they are of no use if patients do not adopt them. As mentioned earlier, patient portal acceptance is mounting, but there is yet space for it to develop. Many industries professionals state that the load of strengthening patient portal buy-in lay mainly on the health care provider. As well, the healthcare providers should know the characteristics of particular patient populations that power patient portal acceptance. In many researches, it has been revealed that minority ethnicities have lower patient port acceptance rates. It is mainly because of a lack of access to modern technology or lack of technology literacy. The age of the user is another essential attribute. As per some experts, lots of healthcare providers think that only as their patients are aged, they might not wish to utilize the portal.

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