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Ways of improving your Core Web Vital Scores and SEO ranking!


The monocle is set to focus on user experience now. If you think you can get that top spot on dreamy SERP with good content alone then go to sleep. Wake up with a fresh mind the next day. And then listen to this with that cup of coffee in hand – Core Web Vitals are here and they are going to charge upon you. You might successfully get the SEO Packages for lowest price, but they will serve the purpose to a limit. You might also want to order now some web development packages. They are going to be a necessity for those with a long-term vision. If the dream is to set the digital foot for years and years to come, then the need is to invest in some web development. But, until you hire some web developers, there are things that you might want to do by yourself.

How to improve the Core Web Vital score?

Before we talk about ways of improving the Core Web Vital scores, it is important to provide the basics of it.

If you think that after you get the SEO Packages for lowest price you can sleep, know that you can’t. It was the early 2021 when Google had revealed that it would now be focusing on improving the user experience and thus look at website qualities. The idea was to help users surf safely and with satisfaction. You sure might have the best content in the world, but what if your website does not load well. It is similar to having the best food in the world but the worst dining area. It brutally rips the experience apart to its death.

Core Web Vitals is a set of few metrics that along with a few other metrics will decide if the website is smooth and secure or not. If a website fails on this test, it would not rank higher on the SERP page. So how do you ensure that your Vital Scores stay sane?

Always optimize your media!

Here, by media, we mean the images, audio, video, and other forms of media that you provide your users with. You would always want to optimize it. For example, if you are using images and they either are too big or do not have the right dimensions then they won’t let your website load properly. Loading a 10 MB image on a mobile phone serves no purpose until and unless the main focus is the image itself.

How do you optimize images and other media forms? If you do not hold any expert knowledge in this field then we suggest you get the SEO Packages for lowest price. These SEO experts might seem harsh to your pockets but in the long term they always fill your pockets with hefty sums.

There are a lot of websites that can help you optimize your media for free. However, if you have a big website and want to save time, then we suggest you go premium. This will save you enough time that you could then use on other vital things. So, how would it impact the Core Web Vital score?

  • It will help your page elements load faster and thus improve the LCP or Largest Contentful Paint factor.
  • As the images will have the right dimensions, it will help you get a fine score in CLS or Cumulative Layout Shift.

Have a graceful server!

What do we mean by this? When you host your website on a server that has been shared by many others, it impacts the loading speed of your website. How? Because the server handles queries for many other websites altogether. Thus, if you can manage to afford a dedicated server apart from SEO packages at a lower price, we suggest you go for it. It has been proven to improve the loading speed of web pages by a crucial margin.

This helps a website in few ways –

  • The loading speed gets a boost and thus the LCP score improves drastically.
  • It leads to higher user retention rate and a lower bounce rate which then helps in SERP ranking.

Avoid using website builders if you care for your website!

What would you choose? A burger cooked with pre-made ingredients or a burger made freshly from scratch? Of course, the burger freshly made. The same happens with website builders. They might seem like a fairly simple deal and you might even feel like a lord who can even make websites. However, know that these builders slow down a website by a huge margin. A study has found out that the time gap was significant because these builders were using 4 times more scripts than a web developer might have used.

If you can afford to have a web developer while you alongside get the SEO Packages for lowest price, then go for it. You will thank us later when you’ll rank over your competitors in years to come. Order now some web developing plans to provide your website the class and quality it needs and deserves.

Wielding Critical CSS and Preloading Hero Images!

If you are not a web developer and hold no knowledge about CSS and other script types, we suggest you sit a mile away from your laptop screen from now on. We do not want to see you ruin your website completely until you brick it down.

Critical CSS is a way to force necessary CSS to load before the fold content. It helps in improving the LCP score significantly. Furthermore, you might want to force crucial images to load before other less-vital images. It is best to hire a developer who knows these things. Order now some.

Look into JavaScript errors to improve FID.

FID, or First Input Delay, is the time it takes between clicking an action button and its result being shown before the user. A delayed response time leads to users clicking several times and thus suffering. These delays are usually because of a few JavaScript errors. If you want to target these errors then you must know how to use Chrome Developer Tools. Otherwise, we always suggest going for the experts.

The thing that one must take note of is that Google takes the data of the past 28 days while analyzing the Core Web Vital scores. Thus, we suggest people audit their websites at least twice a month. This ensures that Google does not take any errors into consideration and scores the website low. It only depresses the SERP rankings.

The thing is always about bringing expertise into the question. Many consider it to be a waste of money, but one must know that 71% of total Google Searches never go past the first SERP page. This speaks of itself about how crucial it is to get on that page for a particular phrase. We always suggest people go for SEO packages at an affordable price to nourish their website. Order now if you haven’t done it yet as the competition is high and a slight fall leads to a loss of millions and billions!