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How secure is GitLab?

GitLab security

What are the foundations of good decision making in business and development? Always considering many factors, like technology, customer needs, trend analysis, and more. However, there is some aspect, sometimes overlooked but crucial – security. In this article we will consider the security of one of the most famous version control hosting platforms – GitLab. Let’s find out how secure GitLab is.

GitLab application security

Obviously, to access the app you have to create an account – we won’t surprise you here. This default authentication manner consists of simple login and password. Note, the username is public so don’t use your default login name and create a rather unique one. Why? The first login hackers will use to access your GitLab account and compromise GitLab security will be this one stolen from other portals. As you can see, a simple login and password is not the safest way to authorize. How to make it more secure?

The simplest way is to use difficult, randomized passwords – long with capital letters, numbers and special characters. GitLab also allows you to login with your Google, Bitbucket, GitHub or even Twitter SSO which can be a better option assuming that you already use strong credentials there.

How to increase GitLab account security? Let’s check the official advice from GitLab documentation:

Two-factor authentication (2FA) provides an additional level of security to your users’ GitLab account. When enabled, users are prompted for a code generated by an application in addition to supplying their username and password to sign in.”

2FA is always a good choice.

GitLab backup

Just like data on endpoints, servers and even Microsoft 365, your repositories, projects and metadata also need backup software. Why? As you can see, the above-mentioned GitLab security methods are not so sophisticated. GitLab backup provides you with guarantee to restore the projects and metadata in any event of failure – human error, ransomware attack, or while GitLab is down and GitLab server status shows service disruption. While long failures are quite rare, some partial service disruptions happen more often than we think.

That is why you need a solution like GitLab backup. Automation, long-term retention, military-level encryption – this is what you need for your GitLab security.