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Comparing WordPress and Drupal 8 developers

Your web design is very important to attract the viewers. It should not be plain and very simple but extraordinary and attractive. The design of your website is important to make a mark in your online marketing. There are various tools used in web development. WordPress and Drupal are the most widely used platforms used to develop creative web designs. But they differ on various grounds, like:

Functional – as per the WordPress designers, it is easy to use and design a beautiful wordpress website; but, Drupal being more deep and advanced has more features. The functions of Drupal 8 are complex and hard to use if you are not familiar with them, and can cause confusion and mayhem for you. Although being more advanced, Drupal gives more power to its platform and its users. If you need to design a simple website for demo or practice, WordPress would be very helpful for you to work on with its simple yet effective features. If you need to add various content pages on your website, with Drupal you can make it more powerful. 

Flexible – WordPress contains large varieties of free plugins and themes to start your website. There are beginners’ themes in Drupal as well but most of them are for complex projects. WordPress is opted by more because of its flexible options available ranging from social media to SEO; it does not need an extra developer to manage. Drupal 8, on the other hand requires Drupal 8 website developers to update or install any plugins. WordPress designed for posting blogs is good for basic level, whereas Drupal is a specially customized platform to handle complex functions.  

Security- A very important ground of differentiation between the two platforms is security. Drupal is very protective platform and thus has a very high level of security and in-depth security reports. The platform is so safe that various governments including the US government use Drupal. WordPress, however, has a more vulnerable nature and is prone to hacking and cyber attacks; but there are programs that make the platform safe, like WP Engine. 

Competition – There has been a dirty competition between the two developing platforms; which is now discouraged. Both of them are sufficient in their own ways; because it all comes down to the business owners as to what they want. Where Drupal is really complex and advanced to use that cannot be used by small firms and startups, WordPress is more flexible and easy to use and understand. With their upgraded versions, the outright comments on each other have stopped publicly.

Preference – As said above, it is the decision of the marketers and content managers as to what they want. If you are an owner of a small business or into blogging, you would probably need a more elastic and simple to use platform to upload your idea and content. But if you have a big firm to design a very elaborated website, you will need the technical features of Drupal; that can support your ‘n’ number of web pages and all the redirection to other links. 

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