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WordPress Hosting v/s Web Hosting: Which one is best to Use?

When we creating a website, one of the most important decisions you will make is the type of hosting package that will be purchased. If you use a platform such as WordPress, you need hosting so that your website is available online. What’s more, choosing the right option is very important.

Two of the most popular choices for new website owners are Web Hosting and WordPress hosting.

WordPress supports millions of websites worldwide. WordPress is popular site builder and content management system. It is free to download and install in any hosting, but for users who want to take advantage of its many features and functions, a hosting package specifically dedicated to WordPress can be an efficient and safe alternative to standard web hosting options.

In this article, we will explain you best hosting options and explain how to find a package that fits your needs. Let’s start!

An Introduction to Web Hosting

Basic web hosting is usually a form of shared hosting, in which multiple sites, often thousands of sites, share space on a single server owned and managed by the hosting provider. In this environment, a WordPress site is simply one of many types of sites on this shared server. All sites on this server must use common server resources, such as memory and bandwidth. The provider of this web hosting plan is responsible for maintaining the server, which includes installing general security features and keeping it updated. 

Because so many sites co-exist in that situation, they can be vulnerable to malware and other security issues that are linked to neighboring sites. All of these hosting options allow users to install and run a WordPress site if they want, but the services and support they provide are not designed to accommodate specific WordPress issues related to performance and security. 

WordPress hosting in all its forms can provide customer support and services that are uniquely optimized for this platform.

An Introduction to WordPress Hosting

Although general web hosting providers include WordPress support among the many options available to users, this support is not tailored to the specific characteristics of the WordPress platform. does not necessarily offer the same features. Solutions that dedicated users need to optimize their performance. 

In WordPress hosting options take into account the unique features of WordPress and designs hosting accordingly, at different levels of service and pricing. The WordPress hosting options cover the same spectrum of hosting solutions as the web hosting services, but only target WordPress. 

Thus, users of WordPress, at each stage of the development of a site, can find a hosting plan meeting the needs in evolution.

WordPress or Web Hosting: Which is best for your site?

Many general-purpose hosting providers offer a WordPress-only option as well as their basic service plans. However, they do not all provide equivalent support for the platform. These plans usually provide a shared space on a dedicated server specifically for WordPress sites, so that server resources and software are configured for WordPress.

In such an environment, fewer sites can be hosted on one server so that server resources can be allocated with greater efficiency. It also allows greater stability in the hosting environment, because it is unlikely that an increase in traffic on one site will cause downtime and slowdown on other sites nearby on the server.

Hosting companies that offer VPS hosting either as part of general hosting or as a dedicated server can also include WordPress hosting options. In this situation, the WordPress site can share space on an almost partitioned server dedicated to supporting the platform, which allows users to control and scalability of VPS hosting by optimizing WordPress specific features and demands. The user can choose a self-managed package with the support of a host-trained WordPress technical staff or a variety of managed packages that leave some or all of the management functions to provider.

Dedicated hosting providers can also offer WordPress hosting options, with a single client server that is optimized to run WordPress more efficiently and safely. Dedicated hosting plans can range from self-managed to fully managed options, including support for all the WordPress related issues provided by the technical support team with particular expertise in troubleshooting issues related to platform.


WordPress specific hosting plans usually cost more than general web hosting services that include WordPress as an option, but this solution provides more support and security than users want. For users of all levels, WordPress general and focused web hosting can make the features and functions of the world’s most popular site creation platform available to anyone, for all types of sites. For WordPress users who want to use the full potential of WordPress, platform-specific hosting packages can help these sites run more efficiently and elegantly.

Because it can provide more flexibility to customize and expand WordPress features. However, with managed WordPress hosting, even users without such expertise can get full WordPress functionality in a safe and flexible environment.