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Why Do You Need a Recurring Payment Merchant Account in the USA?

For merchants, there’s a host of benefits that a recurring payment merchant account in USA can offer. One of the biggest advantages it brings along is the more predictable cash-flow. Since it lets you know the money that’s coming into your account well in advance, you’re able to make better and informed decisions about the future. With a recurring merchant payments account, the likelihood of missing payments is almost nil. As a result, you save your money and precious time because there’s no need to chase down overdue bills.

Another great benefit of having a recurring payment processing account is a significant reduction in processing fees. With recurring, electronic payments, you can easily avoid several expensive fees that are otherwise included when you issue paper-based checks. Above all, with your recurring merchant payment account, you will enjoy greater customer retention. If your customers wish to stop payments in the future, they must deliberately cop-out of recurring billing, which most customers will not do unless they really need to do it. What are the benefits of recurring billing for customers? Well, recurring billing is beneficial for customers in more than one way, including reduced late fees and penalties that are attached to late fees. Customers can easily avoid such unnecessary charges with recurring payments well in advance. Customers who are mostly traveling and don’t have access to their checkbooks or invoices at all times are amongst the biggest beneficiaries of this.

Having a recurring account facilitates automatic payment of future bills for customers, which means they don’t need to log in to their accounts and not even remember their bills’ due dates each billing cycle. With automated recurring bill payment in place, they don’t need to bother about the bill payments and they can focus on things that are more important for them.

In short, the benefits of having a recurring payment merchant account in USA aren’t confined only to the concerned merchants but they reach their respective customers as well.

By having a recurring payment processing system in place, you (as a merchant) will do great favors to the environment as well. Americans throughout the nation are now becoming increasingly concerned about environmental issues, such as global warming, climate change, etc. Your appeal to your customers for choosing the eco-conscience ways of making payment (through electronic bill payment options) will give away a strong message that ‘YES’ you care for the environment.

An online merchant account makes it easier and faster to make and receive payments from clients and customers. In short, with a recurring payment merchant account, you can protect your cash flow, ensure quick payments, reduce billing/collection overheads and expenses via automation. At PaymentUSA, we strive to make the entire recurring payment process simple and better through unlimited customizations that perfectly streamline your transactions. With multiple billing profiles, you can give your customers the flexibility of choosing a payment plan that suits them.

As a merchant, you can extend multiple subscription plans at different rates (monthly plans, weekly plans, etc.) and set up different accounts for recurring and initial payments for your valued customers who are willing to opt for lower installments and larger down payment amounts. With PaymentUSA, setting up your online merchant account is easier than anything. Furthermore, it is easy to configure timeframes for different billing dates (an infinite number of times depending on your need).

Most importantly, privacy is our priority. For this reason, our entire system is highly information sensitive. We keep all your card information safe in encrypted form in a safe vault for recurring payments. Please feel free to share your queries and concerns in this regard. We are ready and willing to help you anytime.