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Which online notepad allows for audio and video embedding?

Online notepads provide a convenient way to jot down notes, on documents with others, and to install clunky software on your computer. Plus, many online notepads are now offering rich formatting options, to embed media like audio clips and videos right into your text.

Background on online notepads

Before diving into the options, let’s first go over some key terminology and background to online notepads and their features. Online notepads refer to any website that allows you to write and edit text documents or notes directly in your web browser, without needing to install a separate program. They are a type of online word processor. Key features common across most online notepads include:

  1. Rich text formatting (different fonts, sizes, colors, etc.)
  2. Ability to add images and hyperlinks
  3. Option to collaborate with others in real-time
  4. Access documents across devices

Embedding, in this context, refers to the incorporate multimedia like audio, video, or other rich interactive content seamlessly in a text document on an online notepad site. This embedded media then plays directly within the page, rather than needing to open another app or browser tab. Some famous examples of sites that allow content embedding include social networks like Facebook and Twitter, blogging/content management platforms such as WordPress and Wix. Embedding capabilities require the online notepad service to have the appropriate multimedia hosting technology integrated into their site For online notepad check notesonline.com/notepad.

Microsoft onenote

OneNote has been around for decades as the note-taking app within Microsoft’s Office suite. In recent years though, Microsoft has focused efforts on improving OneNote’s online web-based version available through OneDrive cloud storage.   The modern OneNote web app now provides seamless support for embedding multimedia content. Its interface includes distinct sections for “Documents”, “Media”, and “Links”, streamlining the process of organizing diverse embedded elements together with your typed notes and images all in one workspace. On OneNote online, inserting external media like MP4 videos is as easy as dragging the file from your computer directly into the note. You also click the “Insert” tab to add YouTube videos that play right inside the note. Embedded elements are moved around on the virtual canvas freely.

Key evaluation criteria

Now that we’ve highlighted some top contenders for online notepads that support rich media embedding, how exactly should you evaluate which option might be the best fit for your specific use case? Here are key criteria to consider when assessing these services:


How intuitive and easy is the multimedia embedding process? Are edits and customizations to embedded objects readily accessible? The right balance of simplicity and control contributes to a positive user experience.

Supported file types

What type of file formats be uploaded and embedded? This ranges from image types to video containers like MP4, WebM, AVI, and audio formats including MP3, WAV, MIDI, and more. More diversity indicates greater flexibility.

Editing tools

They are functionality around creating, formatting, and editing the actual documents and notes also matters. Consider capabilities like collaborative editing, cross-device access, version history, offline editing, etc when evaluating online notepad tools alongside embedding features.


Does the service offer rich multimedia embedding features for free, or is a paid subscription required? Factor this cost into your assessment for personal vs commercial needs. Free plans typically limit storage space or capabilities.