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What Would Be the Best Features for the Headphones That You Use?

How to choose your wireless headphones? As we have seen, there are many models. It remains to be seen how to choose one over another. Indeed, the price range is immense and the services offered by the different models are very different. Choosing the huawei headphones freebuds 3 happens to be the best option here. You will have to pay attention to different characteristics:


It may seem like a detail, but from one model to another, the headphones can change their look entirely. In addition to whether or not it suits your tastes, this can pose several problems. If the headphones are in ear, they will have to adapt to the shape of your ears or you will quickly find yourself with earbuds that keep falling or slipping.

Fortunately, manufacturers are redoubling their ingenuity to develop new materials to make them more and more comfortable: rubber, silicone, memory foam there are many possibilities to avoid painful experiences as much as possible. Also, the size of the headphones is a factor that can be important. If you like discreet headphones, some models will put you off pretty quickly by their sheer size.


This is the main factor that will determine your choice: what do you want to do with your headphones? Listening to music with good sound quality? Cut off from the world in transport or at the office? Play sports? Depending on your desires, you will certainly not choose the same pair. If you want quality sound, a model like the Huawei free buds 3 seems more suitable. They do offer special features, but above all have very good sound quality for headphones.

To be able to enjoy your music in your bubble, turn to a product with good insulation, which will allow you to cover ambient noise without increasing the volume and thus protect your eardrums. Finally, to listen to music during sports practice, you will need a few more features like those offered by the Huawei free buds: total autonomy, tactile surface, resistance to sweat and others, in order to be embarrassed as little as possible during your training.

The Sound

If you buy headphones, it is first and foremost for listening to music, whatever the conditions. The quality of the sound therefore remains a central criterion in choosing the pair of your dreams. Although headphones suffer from a bad reputation in this area compared to headphones, some models stand out with surprisingly deep and detailed sound.

The membrane used for the earbuds being much smaller than that of the headphones, they are much more responsive, which can be a guarantee of a much better definition of the sound while protecting your ears better. Indeed, hearing damage is caused by the pressure of sound on the eardrums. Headphones often have small holes on the outside to let sound escape and reduce pressure on the hearing organ, ensuring they are less aggressive than headphones.

Why Choose Huawei Wireless Headphones

Including all the basic features, we must add active noise reduction, but also a more than adequate autonomy of 4 hours. Plus, once the batteries are dead, wireless and fast charging will be there to your rescue. The Huawei FreeBuds3 provides an excellent audio quality. They, like other earphones of this size, feature a strong and full middle. There is a significant emphasis on vocals and instrumentals, and the sound is given depth by the presence of excellent bottom.

The FreeBuds3 are fairly loud, but as you approach 100% volume, the music gets a little shrill and piercing, losing its underpinning bass. The FreeBuds3 suffer in comparison to Apple’s AirPods 2-generation. Apple’s earbuds provide a deeper bass, a more dynamic sound, and gradually increase in volume. Additionally, because the AirPods Pro is in-ear rather than open-fit, they will likely sound better.

To improve call quality, the FreeBuds3 has twin microphones concealed under an aerodynamic duct. Finally, the phone calls are of excellent quality.

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