Wednesday, June 7, 2023


Having a transcription service provider work on your electronic files (both audio and video) to transform them into text is not only cost-effective but also comes with added benefits to you and your business. Whether it is to be used in officialmeetings or interviews, promoting SEO rankings on your channel or website, the uses of transcription services are innumerable.

Today, many companies are embracing transcription services for several reasons. The most outstanding one is its use as a video marketing strategy. With the technological advancements we see everyday and social media taking the world by storm, audio and video transcription is the best tool for capturing new consumers as well as expanding a brands reach.

The transcription industry offers many options for their clients but how will you know who will deliver results? While there are several criteria to use when looking for a suitable transcription service, below are some things you should consider before hiring.

  • Quality is everything

Quality is a critical aspectof any transcription project. In as much as transcription services have become easily accessible and technology has delivered automated transcription services right at our doorsteps, how good or bad the automated transcripts will be determined by the quality of the original file. This is to say, manual transcription services will always beat automated ones.

When choosing the best transcription service, quality should be your priority. Find professionals like GoTranscript translation services whose final product will have an accuracy of close to 99%.

  • Skillset

Transcription is challenging and therefore transcriptionists require a distinct skill set. They also need to have the ability to multitask. 

The point of seeking transcription services is to reduce workload and to save you from the overwhelming editorial task. Additionally, consider hiring a company that employs native speakers of your language.

A non-native transcriptionist may have poor grammar and spelling challenges and this will compromise on the quality of the file. 

  • Security level

Many clients will require some form of confidentiality. The level of security needed varies according to how sensitive the data is.

Sensitive transcription projects require a service provider with robust security measures. This may mean having programs and other security software to ensure proper safeguarding of client information.

When interviewing transcription companies, ask for a debrief of their level of data security. A great transcription firm will provide satisfying insight into their security systems. This includes how they encrypt files and how long it takes for them to permanently delete your data from their systems. They will also provide proof of firewalls and antivirus software in their systems, as well as show you how they monitor files.

  • Pricing

Pricing is equally important when choosing a transcription company. Go for an affordable company that does not compromise on quality, accuracy, and efficiency. Further, they should be able to meet deadlines.

Various factors that may affect the pricing of your project include the complexity of the work, the turnaround time, the quality of the video, and special formatting effects among other things.

So, before you quiver at the numbers quoted by a transcription company, look at what you are asking of them and judge for yourself if at all it is a fair figure.