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The PDF Version and How to Get It

PDF stands for “Portable Document Format”, which means “transportable file format” in English. The PDF format was developed by the company Adobe back in 1993. The aim was to support the idea of ​​the paperless office and to facilitate the exchange of documents. Because with most other formats one has (until today) the problem that one does not know exactly how the sent file is indicated with the receiver. Since this may has a different operating system or a different version of the program, in the worst case you cannot even open the file or it looks different than intended by the receiver. PDF files are even used on smartphones. Now with the epub to pdf  software, your readable options will increase.

View PDF files

PDF files can be displayed on any operating system unchanged from the original. All you need is a free program, Adobe Acrobat Reader.

During installation, free additional programs are often offered. These can also be deselected and not installed.

No editing

Unlike text documents, PDF files should never be edited. The contents of the file can be viewed, read and printed, but not changed. Exceptions are writable PDF files that contain fields to fill out. Such forms are often used by authorities and administrations. The advantage: On the computer you can fill out the form legibly, then print, sign and send.

It is specially designed for documents that can be printed, since it specifies all the necessary information for the final presentation of the document, determining all the details of how it will be, not requiring further adjustment or layout processes.”

It is one of the most widespread formats on the Internet for the exchange of documents, but, they require specific programs that allow access to them, therefore, we must have a pdf file viewer on our computer to view them.

The Best PDF

Perhaps the best known pdf file viewer can be the Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is free, however, we have the possibility to use other programs also free for this purpose, such as:

  • Most of the Pdf viewers will only allow us to view the content of the pdf files, they will not allow us to manipulate their content, although depending on the characteristics of each of them, we could perform some more functions in our pdf files.
  • In addition to viewing or accessing a pdf file, we have the possibility to create, manipulate, protect them by password, etc., using certain programs to do so.
  • PDF files have become an indispensable tool when we need to send or distribute documentation, since this format allows everyone to access the information contained in these documents regardless of the operating system or device they have.

The PDF format is widely used in multiple work environments such as offices, graphic design studios and many other scenarios due mainly to its flexibility, but also to the possibility it offers to be able to show the information it contains in the same way it was created.