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The Essentials of Cracked Screen Repair

Over 60% of Americans report having a cracked cell phone screen. While a cracked screen does not always ruin the functionality of the phone, it is always an annoyance that will reduce the ease and enjoyment of using your device. For this reason, over 50% of all cell phone repairs are for a damaged screen. Before getting your cracked screen repaired, you should know the essentials of cracked screen repair.

How Screens Get Cracked

Cracked screens are a very common source of damage for cell phones, tablets, and other devices. While screens are pretty durable for all they must do, they can still sustain cracks. Some of the common causes of a cracked screen include:

  • Dropping the device onto hard surfaces
  • Dropping other items on the device.
  • Accidentally stepping/sitting on it.
  • Deep scratches from other hard objects rubbing against the screen.

What to Do Before Cracked Screen Repair

Before having your screen repaired, there are a few things you should do. First, you should assess the level of damage your phone or tablet has. For example, there is quite a difference between a single small crack and a completely shattered screen. Look for any shards of glass falling off and assess the overall damage. Some phones can still be used with a cracked screen while others should be left off until repaired. The types of damage include:

  • Minor damage: Small cracks on part of the screen. Your screen still lights up and the phone still works.
  • Moderate damage: There are some cracks on your screen, but your screen still lights up and your phone works as usual.
  • Significant damage: There are lots of cracks, and the touch aspect of your screen does not work well. However, the screen still lights up.
  • Major damage: The screen is shattered, and the screen shows static or the phone will not turn on

You must also back up your phone to ensure you retain all of your important information like contacts, photos, and more. Ideally, you should have automatic backups set up via Google Drive or iCloud, but you should always check prior to repairing anything on your phone.

Screen Repair Tools

Cell phone screen repair is a complicated process. To effectively repair the screen, you need special tools and advanced technical knowledge. Some of the important tools used for screen repair include:

  • Soldering iron and soldering station
  • Soldering wire
  • Solder paste
  • Blade cutter
  • PCB stand
  • Multimeter
  • magnifier/ microscope
  • Precision screwdriver and kit
  • ESD-safe cleaning brushes
  • Tweezers
  • LCD tester
  • Jumper wire
  • Point cutter
  • Nose cutter
  • And more!

Hire a Profesional for Screen Repair

The many repair kits and tutorials online make DIY screen repair seem like a reality, but in truth, it is not recommended. Attempting to repair your screen on your own is very risky, and will most likely cost you more money and time in the end. Instead of risking further damage to your phone, consult a professional for screen repair. A professional technician has the knowledge and skills to repair your screen fast and easy. For the best professional screen repair service, look no further. We are happy to help you with all of your cell phone and tablet repair needs. Contact us today to set up your appointment HERE.