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Taking Care of Your Caravan And Avoid Common Maintenance Mistakes

Nothing compares to the sense of freedom you get from driving in your caravan and being able to park and remain anywhere you like. There are almost 55,000 caravans in the UK with over 2 million people going for a caravan holiday every year. Therefore, if you are considering buying a new caravan, do not think twice and get on the job right away.

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Most essential caravan checks

Before buying a caravan from an NCC-approved dealer, it is best to check and inspect it thoroughly.

  • Buy a damp meter to check the vehicle has no leakages and no dampness.
  • Check the electricity, gas, and other facilities if they are installed correctly.
  • Check the interiors thoroughly for no leakages and should have proper gas appliances.
  • All lockers, doors, and windows should open and close properly.
  • Check the outside for rust, cracks, or corrosion under the caravan.

Avoiding common caravan maintenance mistakes

Ensure you avoid common mistakes and take care of your caravan so that it remains in the best shape throughout the year.

Don’t skip cleaning

Keep your caravan clean for a more comfortable and pleasurable traveling experience.

Keep it clean with tools like:

  • Polish and wood oils.
  • Shampoo and brushes for cleaning the upholstery.
  • Oil for hinges.
  • Hand towels and all-purpose cleaning sprays.

Keep a check on the moisture and dampness as it might result in fungus and rotting the surface.

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Do not neglect the window seals

Failing to seal the windows of your caravan will result in rainwater seeping inside it creating dampness and mould issues. Check for a waterproof seal along all of the window edges. If there are any leaks, fix them right away to prevent further harm.

Not taking care of the tyres

Most of the tyre blowouts and flats can be avoided with proper tyre maintenance.

  • Check the air pressure and wear of the tyres before heading out on the road.
  • Replace and rotate your tyres regularly.
  • The longer you allow your tyres to wear, the higher your risk is of experiencing a tyre accident.

Avoid overloading the caravan

Although a caravan can support a lot of weight, you should not overload it. A heavy or overloaded caravan will cause more strain and might even break the chassis. Keep the weight down and utilise your living area to the best.

Avoiding common caravan mistakes while taking care of your caravan ensures you enjoy every moment of your leisure time for more years to come.