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Some Facts about the Uninterruptible power supply

Computers are an integral part of our daily life. No matter how small the work is, computers are used. These operate on the continuous power supply. Any interruption with electricity can be fatal.

UPS for office [ups สำนักงาน , which are the term in Thai] are created to provide uninterruptible power supply, to not only computers but to other electrical devices as well. They can protect from:

  • Voltage surges and spike
  • Voltage Sag
  • Complete power off
  • Frequency deviation

Types of Uninterruptible power supply

These are of two types, standard continuous and stand by.

Continuous uninterruptible power supply

The continuous uninterruptible power supply provides clean power to the devices. The devices do not get electricity directly from the power outlet. The battery in the uninterruptible power supply provides power to the devices. While providing power to the devices, the battery undergoes continuous recharge. The inverter present in the uninterruptible power supply converts DC to 120 volts, 60 hertz AC supply.


In standby the uninterruptible power supply, the battery and the inverter are docile till complete power shut down. The current is supplied directly to devices in these kinds of uninterruptible power supply. Only at the time of power interruption the battery and the inverter kicks in to provide the continuous power supply. Standby is used in homes, office, and small industries. They are cheaper and smaller in size than continuous. The continuous uninterruptible power supply provides clean power supply to run servers and mission-critical application.

John Hanley patented the first uninterruptible power supply. The production of this device was not aimed to provide power supply to computers. The main objective is to provide continuous supply to all electronic devices connected to the uninterruptible power supply.

With the increasing demand for computers and how systems can be fragile to power fluctuations, the uninterruptible power supply is used to avoid the damages. With the increased sensitivity of computers for power fluctuations, uninterruptible power supply became an integral part of the computer system.

The uninterruptible power supply runs from the battery. A good battery uninterruptible power supply can provide enough backup against power cut. Life of a long-lasting uninterruptible power supply decides the lifetime of an uninterruptible power supply. Surrounding, usage, and discharge are also factors to decide its lifetime.