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MilesWeb Review: Dedicated Server Hosting for High-Performance Business Websites

A dedicated server is a need of every enterprise, specifically every web-based enterprise that has enlarged its web presence by bringing every mode of its day-to-day business on one or the other web-based platform. This progress of upgrade for every business is not easy. Every web owner whether an individual or a business enterprise starts the process with the shared hosting platform and by the time being does find a need to upgrade the hosting platform. With the various options available after trying shared hosting, many think of going step by step i.e. from shared to VPS to dedicated servers. While some find it feasible, both financially and technologically to jump from shared to a dedicated server or bare metal server hosting. In both the cases, if you’ve decided to go with cheap dedicated server hosting then let me just elaborate you some of the basic features of dedicated servers or bare metal servers.

Dedicated or Bare Metal Servers: Benefits and Features

A dedicated server is in general the best fit for hosting a resource-heavy website or an application. Many companies consider cloud hosting in the above-mentioned instances. In that case, your website and application might live on one or many computers and utilize cloud computing. But, when it comes to dedicated servers, you get a single server to manage and maintain the workload of your website or application.

With the array of features available you get many benefits of using dedicated servers:

Speed and performance: With the ability to utilize all the resources on the server, minimal downtime is what you can be assured of as there is no struggle with any other user regarding resources. So a swift and best experience is what you can ensure your visitors and users with the dedicated hosting servers.

 Assured security: With your servers being virtually and physically distant from any public cloud, the chances of your websites and programs getting hacked are reduced. You can even opt for further more security measures as and when needed.

Control: With dedicated servers, you get more sense of control of both the software and the hardware.

Scalability: Dedicated server hosting is the best option to attain the required flexibility with your websites or programs.  As it is easily possible to upgrade to a larger and faster server with the dedicated resources such as CPUs, disk space, and extensive networks that can easily manage the heavy workload of any website or applications hosted on it.

Customizable: As you rent or directly purchase these servers, they can be as bespoke as you need them to be.

I guess by now, you might have been very clear regarding the features and benefits of dedicated hosting. But, the main question that might have come across is which provider to trust and to go with for such a hefty investment to make, and as a major leap in your web business. 

After churning out a lot about all the providers providing the best dedicated server hosting, I’ve reviewed one providing one of the best features and services. Let us take a look at it.

Brief about MilesWeb

MilesWeb is a well-established hosting provider from India and has been providing hosting services since 2012. They offer all types of hosting services which include shared, reseller, WordPress, managed cloud hosting ,dedicated hosting services and cheap VPS server. With over 28,000 customer base they are growing with numbers and trust as well.

Let us look at their dedicated server or bare metal server hosting features.

Dedicated Server Hosting Plans and Features


Control Panel Options: MilesWeb offers a variety of easy-to-use and manage control panels. With industry-leading options like cPanel, Plesk and Webuzo to manage your dedicated servers, server management and maintenance becomes an easy task.

 Operating System Options: Similar to the control panel, MilesWeb lets you free, to choose your operating system. With options like CentOS, Ubuntu, Windows OS, Debian and Fedora you are free to choose as per your control panel’s requirement. 

Host Unlimited Websites: With the freedom to host as many websites as you like on the dedicated bare metal servers, you can host as many websites or web applications on MilesWeb based dedicated servers.

SSH Root Access: They provide complete root access with every dedicated server so that you can install applications or programs as and when required.

Guaranteed High-Performance: Your website or web-apps performance will not be hindered as you won’t be sharing any resources on the server.

Free Setup: MilesWeb won’t charge you anything extra for setting up the server and all these with the policy that lets you cancel the server whenever you want without any cancelations fees or penalties.

Reliability, Security and Flexibility: As your bare metal dedicated servers are physically isolated and you don’t share any resource with any other user, security and reliability are well taken care of. At the same time Due to the custom environment available you can easily run customized applications without any issue.

Powerful servers: With enterprise-grade hardware from one of the leading names in the industry which include Dell, Supermicro and HP. You get the best speed and performance.

 The Verdict:

With all the features available at the price point which MilesWeb offers, it has to be on the top of the list for any enterprise or individual looking for dedicated bare-metal servers for their websites or web applications.