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Instant Message Monitoring and Text Message Archiver

If you want to protect your business, you may consider an SMS archiving and monitoring solution. These solutions can help you keep track of sensitive topics and prevent sending confidential data. Not only that, but they also provide features such as Chat markers that can alert you to sensitive topics.

Chat markers

In an instant message monitoring system, a chat marker is a visual indicator that indicates when a message has been displayed or delivered. These markers help maintain the state of the chat across all endpoints. Chat markers are also stored in the message archive when archiving is enabled. This allows disconnected resources to retrieve these markers when they reconnect.

With text message archiving, businesses gain unparalleled insights into customer service and messaging strategies. They can also use this information to ensure compliance and protect brand reputation. 

SMS archiving

An effective SMS archiving solution will help you retain essential communications and ensure that your business is always compliant. The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority and the Securities and Exchange Commission have specific guidelines and rules for text messaging in financial services. However, most compliance departments are still not up to speed handling SMS archiving and monitoring. This is a critical part of regulatory compliance, as non-compliant messaging can put your business at risk. To ensure compliance, your financial firm must obtain SMS opt-in from your clients. Failure to obtain this consent may result in your business being labelled a spammer.

Protecting your organization in the event of a dispute

Having a comprehensive record of your digital communications is essential in the event of a dispute. Such a record can prevent he-said-she-said situations. This can be especially beneficial if you’re dealing with sensitive topics. Having an archive of your digital conversations means you can refer to them in the future without sorting through email threads or gathering information from multiple mobile devices.

A text message archiver is crucial to the security and reputation of an organization. It can also be invaluable if you need to cite text-based evidence in a dispute. The importance of data archiving has only increased over the past few years. You can ensure the integrity of your data by implementing a text message archiving solution that helps you manage various types of data.

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