Tuesday, March 21, 2023
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How To Get More Views On YouTube?


YouTube is a product of Google that is home to numerous videos. Some entertaining, some are educative while some are life influencing. The search bar of YouTube helps the users to search for any kind of video. The content creators of YouTube create videos to gain publicity and earn money. It is only possible when videos can attract huge traffic and become viral.

There are many ways to get Free YouTube Views. You have to be intelligent enough to use the strategies wisely so that your sole purpose to get viral is fulfilled. In this article, we have come up with a few points that will help you to increase views on your YouTube videos.

Ways To Gather More Number Of Views

  • Make Use Of BOGY Thumbnails: Everything that is flashy attracts people’s attention. Therefore, it is advisable to use BOGY thumbnails. BOGY thumbnails are the ones that use the four colors of blue, orange, green, and yellow. The web page of YouTube is mostly comprised of black, red, and white and when you use the BOGY thumbnails, the colors get well synchronized with the colors of the website. This makes your videos attractive to the users.
  • Share Your Youtube Videos On Other Forums: When you can communicate well with the audience, only then you would be able to understand the need of the audience and would grab their attention. Other online forums are awesome places to promote your videos. That is because on those platforms you would be able to answer their queries and also seek feedback. The communication becomes two ways when you share your videos on Facebook, Quora, Reddit, Instagram, and Pinterest.
  • Encourage The Viewers To Engage With Your Video: The comments likes and subscribes all are quite essential to enhance the view count. When the number of likes, subscribers, and comments is more, the videos are ranked in the upper scale on YouTube. Therefore, they get well exposed to users. Nothing much that you need to do here. You would just have to ask the people to subscribe and like. Also, keep replying to comments of your viewers, which in turn will boost their interest level.
  • Set A Time To Upload Your Videos: As a content creator, you would surely want your videos to be seen and for that, you need to upload the videos when most of the people are browsing the YouTube. Time matters a lot. You choose the time when your subscribers are online on YouTube. For that, you would have to run several tests. Weekends are the days when people tend to online the most. So, perform trials and check what time works for your channel the best.

If you want to enhance the number of views on your YouTube videos for free, you would have to work hard on it. Be careful with what you are posting and for whom you are posting. Keep a close check on the time and rest leave it on the viewer’s choice.