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Hack Nintendo Switch v8.0 with NS atmosphere dongle

In this tutorial, I will show you how to hack the latest firmware version of Nintendo Switch v8.0.1 to play free games. Now the best Switch hack SX OS CFW is blocked by 8.0, and only the free custom firmware atmosphere is still availabe for switch v8.0. To install it, you need some steps and a NS atmosphere dongle. Please read our guide and start to hack your switch !

What’s NS atmosphere dongle and CFW Switch ?

The main functions of the NS ATM dongle are the same as those of R4s Dongle, and since it was announced after the availability of the latter, the Ns atmosphere should be a forgery or clone of r4s dongle. However, it has also made interesting updates, these are the features of the newer 2019 update:

Support the latest Nintendo Switch v8.0 / 8.0.1 system.

Add ZeroTwoXCI, which you can use to install XCI games.

Add Lockpick, which you can get all the keys of Switch.

Add ChoiDujourNX to update or downgrade the OFF LINE firmware switch.

Full payload capture of the BOOT0 / 1 backup and restore, backup and restore of the entire NAND. Support the autoRCM. Can get FUSE and TSEC keys.

Some useful homebrew software will be updated quickly. Like Kosmos Toolkit, NX-Shell, Tinfoil, FTPD, EdiZon, Checkpoint, etc.

As for atmosphere CFW, the core Atmosphere is a custom firmware for the Nintendo Switch. This means that it reimplements some of the Nintendo Switch’s Operating system modules.

In some cases, it just means future flexibility: a given module might just mimic existing OS functionality, but since Atmosphere is completely open source, it gives developers an opportunity to completely rewrite an existing feature on the console if they feel like. In other cases, it will copy the functionality of the module, but will add some patches or options, such as extending the process manager to provide homebrew binaries more permissions than they would normally get. At other times,it is a purely new feature, such as a custom filesystem module that will make it easy for programmers to easily modify video game assets. As for now, the version 0.8.8 of atmosphere is compatible with Nintendo Switch v8.0.x.

NS atmosphere tutorial for installing NS atmospehere v0.8.8

Here is a short guide to help you set up the ns atmosphere dongle on the Nintendo Switch, very simple, without any risk!


NS-Atmosphere Payload Injector (NS-Atmosphere payload inside)

Windows PC with Internet connection

microSD card and USB reader (formatted to exFAT and bigger than 32GB


  1. Download the SD Files and extract it to the root directoryof microSD card.

Please make sure your micro SD card is formatted as exFAT

  1. Please use the NS-Atmosphere Programmerto update the payload NS-Atmosphere.bin into your payload Injector.

The NS-Atmosphere Injector is equipped with an older ReiNX payload which support the 4.x-5.x by default, if your switch system version is the newest 8.0.1, you must update the payload NS-Atmosphere.bin which contained in the SD FOLDER.

  1. Also put the NSP games into your root microSD card.
  2. Make sure that your Switch console is completely power off. Insert the micro SD card into your Switch console.

The easiest way is to press and hold the power button of your console for 3~5 seconds, then select the Power Options -> Turn Off

  1. Remove the Jig (RCM tool) from the NS-Atmosphere Payload Injector and slide the Jig into the Right-Hand Joycon rail and push it down.
  2. Turn on the NS-Atmosphere Payload Injector, the blue LED will illuminate, then plug the payload injector dongle into the USB-C port of your Switch console.
  3. Nowhold the VOL+ button ,then press the Power Button.
  4. You will see the LED flashing pink and then the NS-Atmosphere LOGO is in the Switch.
  5. When the system starts up, the system will boot into the CFW, you can remove the Jig from the Joycon rail and plug out the Payload Injector( Please turn off the Payload Injector when not in use) .
  6. Enter the system and click on the Album
  7. Select the Installation of the top menu. The NSP games will play automatically. Press A to install it.
  8. Return to the main page of the system after the installation is successful and the game will be displayed.

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