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Guide to FIFA 19 Investment – Things that you will help you in earning profit

Investment and trading are the integral parts of FIFA 19 Ultimate Team. You can earn FIFA 19 coins and costly players for your team. Trading is essential not only for getting start with the Ultimate Team but to know the right time to invest. In this guide, you will get to know about the techniques of investment and trading.

Effective tips of trading and investment:

  1. Things that you should pay attention to:
  • You need to keep this mind that most of the trading methods are not as risky as the others. There is no assurance that you will earn profits and therefore, you should not spend all your capital. However, the method that is of great value for a day can be useless on the next day.
  • Whenever you think of trading, always keep in mind that the card you sell in the transfer market is subjected to 5% taxation. So for example if you are selling a card of 1000 FIFA 19 coins, then you will get back only 950 coins.
  • You need to keep this in mind that a particular transfer market will be different on different platforms because of varieties of players. Certain tips are applicable only for some consoles. Therefore, you should not blindly follow the guidelines, but a close watch on the market.
  1. Buy less and sell more- the method with low risks

This method is also known as the overpriced selling and you can be assured that this is one of the reliable methods for trading and doesn’t require a thorough research.

  • Usually you choose one card to trade it in the market. But if you are a beginner, then you start off with cards which are under 1000 coins and the expensive cards can be used by the advanced players.
  • It is very important to look for the correct filters while trading. When you look for the cheapest time at a maximum price in the search criteria, then you will be able to find the cheapest card of the player. In this scenario, you should look for alternative players.
  • After you buy the cards at a cheaper price in the transfer market, you should now put them for sale which means you can now sell your cheap card at an expensive price. However the level of expensiveness depends on two major factors- i) First, the popularity of the players: You can set up a very higher price for popular players and the selling becomes a lot simpler. ii) Secondly, it depends on how much fast you the coins are required. If you wish to sell your cards as soon as possible, then you can keep 10 to 15% for your own profit. For 1000 coins, you get to earn 1200 coins.

In this particular method, you have to keep a particular thing in mind. You should always keep on updating the card every hour with the help of the web application. This method usually works because nowadays most of the people are busy and they wish to put their card for purchase right on the first market page.

Investment techniques for Transfer Market

Trading method 1: Sniping- In this particular method, you buy the cards at a lower price and sell them back to the market at the same market value. On the search filter, you can bid and buy price of your favorite player that is below the price value of the market. In this method, you have to repeat the process two or three times till the card appears. If you do not find the card after so many attempts, then you have to try out some other time of the day.

Trading method 2: The method of 59 minutes– In this, you fix a specific collection of players which are not too big on the search filter. You should look for the players who are present 59 minutes on the transfer market.The cards are usually made available for 60 minutes by the players. With this technique, you get the outline of a few cards in a similar value section and you get to see the option of ‘Bargain First’ right after it gets put up on the transfer market.

Bidding is another important trading technique and you can visit https://www.fifacoin.com/fifa-19-coins-pc.html for mass bidding.