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6 Best Types of Web Hosting to Consider in 2020

We are living in the modern era where no business can survive without going online. One of the first requirements, in my opinion, moving online is the hosting plan. To make a website and to showcase it, I need a hosting platform and a plan that can publish my website. Today, let us discuss the top 6 types of hosting that are prevailing in the year 2020. 

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the most common and widely used type of web hosting. Being the basic hosting, it is also the cheapest of all the other types of hosting. It is a good choice for all the newcomers to the market. In this, a single SSD vps server is shared among multiple websites. All the traffic combined from that website is transferred to that single server. 

The server takes up much load because all the websites are new, and the combined load is not very much. As the website grows, the business has to upgrade the website to the upper version of hosting. 

VPS Hosting

Small and medium-sized businesses are the ones who can never afford their website to get shut down unexpectedly. Such people need a virtual private server or VPS hosting. The hosting will also work as a sharing of your website’s server, but the number of people the website os shred is less. This way, it feels like I am the sole owner of that particular server virtually. When the businesses grow, then the owners think of shifting from shared hosting to VPS hosting. 

Applying a coupon helps out the business to upgrade hosting at unbelievable prices.  

WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting is the hosting required for those who are going to use the wordpress platform for managing the website’s content. You can easily find the wordpress hosting at a discounted price by using the WPX hosting coupons for wordpress hostingWhen I have brought my first wordpress hosting, then I have to find a reliable host on the first hand. 

Later, I have to choose two options from that is the shared wordpress hosting and the managed wordpress hosting; after deciding out of them, one needs to install the wordpress plugin and start editing the website. 

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is the top-notch level of hosting in the market. The whole server is sold along with the hosting plan in this hosting. I have brought dedicated hosting with the help of Cloudways discount codeThe reason behind buying this hosting plan is that I want to build a website for my large scale business. The benefit that this hosting served me is that I have experienced a high time speed of website loading despite a heavy website. Also, the traffic can never affect my website, which is a must for large scale business. 

The minimum requirement for buying a dedicated hosting is 100000 visits per month. The e-commerce websites need this hosting to a hassle-free experience for their customers.


Reseller Hosting

As the name suggests, this hosting plan is for personnel who want to sell web hosting. It is the reselling of the server you have brought to more than one person. There is various service that a hosting service provider when I have brought a reseller hosting then my only motive was to sell the hosting plan and provide the services to my client. 

This hosting I best for the people who are into the web-designing and can also act as a customer representative If the client faces any issue. The benefit of reseller hosting is that the service I am offering is perishable, and the client will require my help for renewing the hosting every time.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is the latest type of web hosting. This type of hosting can also be considered the hybrid version of one of the hosting mentioned above, i.e., the VPS hosting. The online difference I found is the reseller hosting is a cost-effective hosting solution. Cloud hosting is a mixture of various types of servers. Every server connected is having a different responsibility. 

Taking this step is to decrease the load of a single server, and every server performs the task with efficiency whatever they are doing. If the website is for large or medium-sized businesses, then reseller hosting is the best option. To buy this hosting at a discounted price, the Cloudways Promo code can help. A minimum of 30,000 visitors is required for a website t switch to cloud hosting. 

On concluding

There is the main 6 type of hosting that the businesses use in the year 2020. One needs a different type of hosting depending on the type of requirement and business they’re running. I have personally used every hosting in my lifetime, and in my view, all the hosting have their benefits in the field they are operating.