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5 Signs You Need to Replace Your MagSafe Charger

Charging your phones has been part of your daily routine because you mostly use them for school or work, aside from entertainment. In fact, people even use their phones and laptops for the whole day. It’s an everyday activity nowadays, and people rarely go out to explore the outdoors. Even kids prefer playing mobile games over playing with other kids in the neighbourhood. Due to the shift in activities, you must regularly use a MagSafe charger in Singapore.

But how do you know if your charger is still efficient? Since you use it regularly, you might not consider inspecting the charger’s wire if it’s broken or if perhaps the plugs are still stable. Nonetheless, as an owner, it’s your responsibility to check that the charger is still safe to use.

We live in an era of digitalisation, and we accept that gadgets will be part of our lives. Otherwise, you may be left behind. So, knowledge about a MagSafe charger can help you use the item for an extended period. In this article, you will learn when to replace your charger with a new one and the importance of safety.

 Why is Safety Important When Charging Your Gadgets

Charging phones are part of everyday life in this modern life. It’s just like taking a shower and eating meals. Incorporating safety is also essential when charging your gadgets using a MagSafe power bank or a portable charger. To become a more responsible owner, here are some reasons you must prioritise safety when charging your phones.

  • Prevent Fire Accidents – Leaving your phone charging overnight can overheat and lead to fire accidents. If you don’t prioritise safety, it can lead to unforeseen fire incidents. For this reason, do not leave your phones charging without supervision.
  • Damage to the Charger – Without prioritising safety, you can also damage the charger and destroy the chords. Perhaps, you leave a sharp object near the MagSafe charger that causes damage, or there is a water spill that affects the overall function.
  • Pets and Children Safety – Another reason you must be more careful is the pets and children. They may stumble or strip because of the wiring. For this reason, organise the wires and place them safely.
  • Avoid Overheating Chargers – Overheating chargers may be the reason for neglect. Maybe you forget that you plug your phone in a socket or use a MagSafe iPhone charger while doing other activities. Due to this, it can overheat and affect the overall performance.
  • Accidental Damage – When attentive, you may accidentally damage the charger by sitting on it or unconsciously dropping it to the ground. It can affect the overall performance and make the chargers ineffective.

Since safety is essential to using a charger, better learn when to replace your old charger with a new MagSafe iPhone charger. This way, you can have peace of mind that everything will work smoothly.


Signs You Need to Change Your Charger

As mentioned above, using chargers will be part of your daily routine because of modernisation. That’s why it’s your duty and responsibility to know if you need to replace an old charger for better efficiency. Now, learn the signs that you have to buy a new charger like a MagSafe charger in Singapore.

1) The Battery Phone is Slowly Charging

Two hours have passed, and your phone is still charging; it seems like it will take five hours before reaching 90%. If this is the case, you need a charger. After all, it would be best to use your gadgets for school and work. It’s a waste of time to wait to charge your phone after long hours. As such, you have to find a new charger like a MagSafe charger in Singapore.

You can also use an app that can track the charging performance. If there is a difference, it’s better to look for a new one. It can also benefit your phone because an inefficient charger can damage its overall performance. Don’t worry because the money will be worth the price.

2) Visible Physical Damage

If there are visible physical damages, it is an obvious sign you need to replace your charger with a new one. Perhaps, the wires are broken, or the plugs are distorted. Changing the charger to prioritise your safety is better regardless of the damage. Also, using a broken charger can lead to accidents and less efficiency. Unfortunately, it can also affect your phone’s performance.

When using a damaged charger, you might notice that your phone will start charging slowly. You may also see that the phone will start to lag. It can even affect your school or work performance. So, invest your money in buying a MagSafe iPhone charger to keep your phones working in the long run.

3) Unstable Connection of Phone and Charger

Is the phone plugged into the socket but still it’s not charging? If this is the case, there is an unstable connection between the phone and the charger. It is because the pins inside the cable got disrupted. You might be wriggling and trying to fit the USB cable in the socket. It’s a clear sign you must look for a new charger or even a MagSafe power bank that you can bring anywhere.

An unstable connection can also make your phone lose its efficiency. You might be unable to charge your phone properly because of the connection problem. As a result, you may find your phone with battery drainage.

4) Using for a Very Long Time

Have you been using your charger for years now? If yes, you might want to give yourself a new one. Why not try the MagSafe charger in Singapore? It’s appropriate for the modern models of iPhone that can help you be more productive in a day. Worn chargers also need replacement so buy yourself a brand new one because it can also be an investment.

5) The Phone’s Performance Also Deteriorates

If you can’t turn on your phone or it does fast, you may need to change your charger because it affects the battery life. It indicates that a MagSafe iPhone charger is an excellent choice for a brand-new one.

Charging gadgets will be part of your daily life routine. So, get your brand new MagSafe Charger from Energea in Singapore. Visit their website to learn more about a MagSafe power bank and portable chargers.

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