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10 Benefits of having remote CX workforce in 2021

Employee experience and customer experience are the two key contributors to a business’ success. The customer experience (CX) is one business function that is fast becoming remote-friendly. Increasing numbers of companies are turning to remote CX workforces, allowing them to easily hire CX agents from a large CX talent pool. VOIZ is one such CX market place that allows you to fill the requirements of CX jobs in your organization. It has a huge CX talent pool that you can outsource for your company. 

Let’s dive into some of the benefits you get when you have a remote CX workforce!

HR Cost

The HR cost consists of expenditure on employee hiring, which includes the cost of conducting interviews and induction programs. HR cost also includes the employee’s dissatisfaction and turnover. The flexibility to work from anywhere makes the employees satisfied, thus reducing the employee’s dissatisfaction and employee attrition rate. Consequently, new hiring gets reduced. All these factors reduce the overall HR costs.

Admin Cost

The admin cost consists of the amount spent on lighting, electricity, office equipment, housekeeping staff, pantry expenses, etc. All these expenses get cut significantly while companies follow the work from home model. Thus, working from home model offers more value to a company than contact centres concerning the quality of customer experience and cost savings. As more people work remotely, the operational cost of the companies gets reduced. It increases the company’s overall profit. In addition to saving the running cost, the remote working model also increases the employee’s efficiency and increases employee retention rate.


It became clear to most businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic that the quality and productivity of the CX workforce increased during work-from-home days. Telecommuters feel more freedom and less distracted at home, thus making them most productive while working remotely at home. This productivity is easily visible in the quality of their work. According to a survey report done by Airtasker on the daily habits of 1004 workers, remote workforces spend greater amounts of time on tasks compared to on-location workers.


The remote work model helps businesses scale up with ease. Companies are hiring for more remote CX jobs as the CX marketplace is growing fast. And they can take advantage of the large CX talent pool available, which means companies can expand their workforce on-demand. There may be a need to set up some best practices for remote work, but once that’s done, companies are all set to reap the benefits of remote workforces. VOIZ can help the companies in scaling up and scaling down the remote CX workforce according to the company requirements.


The work-from-home option creates a lot of flexibility for the workforce. The employees are flexible with their work timing, which is not restricted to 9 to 5 hours anymore.  So employees can take meetings with clients after 5 PM too. CX agents need not work only from home; they have the flexibility to work from anywhere. Also, employers feel flexible in selecting the team size from 10 to 100 and pay with flexible pricing options they choose with VOIZ. The availability of high-quality technological solutions like Talkdesk, which supports remote CX work, makes this another attractive choice for businesses. 


The coming days are sure to be marked by businesses turning to remote workforces for CX following the lessons of the pandemic. Remote workforces for CX can offer a range of benefits, including flexibility, scalability, and business continuity. Running an in-house customer experience centre can prove costly for businesses, especially those particularly feeling the squeeze in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. The solution is provided by the VOIZ, which allows you to outsource and manage the CX talent easily.