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How E-Learning can improve your project management career

Whether you are looking to enrol on a sited project management training course or would prefer to sign up for some other alternative such as an e-learning course, both are a great way of really improving your skills when it comes to a career in project management.

E-learning offer a great interactive option for gaining your qualifications. E-learning is perfect for project managers and also general managers, those who work in project support, team managers and even programme managers.

If you are trying to decide which type of studying is right for you then there are a couple of benefits of online study that you might like to consider.

The benefits of online study

There are several benefits of online study over the more traditional form of classroom study:

Time – If you already work in the field of project management then you know just how tight time can be and getting away to go on courses of any kind, especially longer courses can be tricky. If you are a contractor in the project management field this can often mean losing a day pay. E-learning can be done in your own time, whenever is most convenient. This could be at the weekend or after work. There is no time wasted traveling to the venue where the course is being held and more importantly it can be broken down into smaller chunks, so it isn’t too much work in one go.

Cost – You might be surprised to learn that E-learning is in fact cheaper than venue-based classes. This is because venue-based courses need to factor in the costs of renting a room, fees for tutors and even the cost of refreshments, which add to the overheads and must be charged on for the company to make a profit.  There is also the potential with E-learning to save on exam fees as well – this is because a candidate is given the option to say when they are ready to take the exam rather than using a pre-booked slot.

Convenience – You can do an E-learning course anywhere – all you need is a PC or a laptop. There are no lessons to attend, so there are no set days when you must be at a certain place. Sometimes life can throw you a curve ball which can mean dropping everything, but with E-learning this just means you can pick up where you left off.

Pace – E-learning can be done at your own pace, if you find certain aspects tricky you can give yourself time to take another look at them – this is unfortunately not the case with venue-based courses.


In short if you are already working in the field of project management of have been looking at training for project managers but simply don’t have the time for any courses due to workloads then E-learning can offer you a valuable alternative to classroom based learning courses.