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Comparing and contrasting Richcopy vs. Robocopy

The working of Richcopy and robocopy is almost same, the only difference lies in the fact that robocopy has much more advanced features when compared to Richcopy. Richcopy was based on multi threaded transfer of files and is now discontinued. Robocopy on the other hand is coming up with new features and solutions to problems that people face while copying files.

Both the software is designed to provide the ease of transferring files from one location to another without facing any sort of issues. Some of the basic errors that occur while transferring while on a normal platform and those that has already been solved by robocopy are as follows-

  • Long path names- most of the times when the path names are lengthy, copying files get tough because the destination folder might have problem allocating through the source. Also, the service might fail to find out the source path if the path name is lengthy.
  • Access denial- if you are not the administrator of a machine or a computer network then some files might not be under your control. This brings in errors while trying to copy a file that needs administrator permission. Richcopy vs Robocopy both are eligible of transferring such files without popping up any errors.
  • Multitasking- with the software one can copy an entire folder or directory to other destination folder and several files can be transferred at once within a matter of minutes.
  • Date and time- normal copying of files changes the date and time of the source files and replaces with the present time when the folder is being copied. Whereas Richcopy vs. robocopy keeps the date and time intact so that it can be retrieved as needed.
  • The read only files can also be copied without any hassle.
  • Automated performance- the best thing about Richcopy vs. robocopy is that that robocopy has this self automation feature that helps users to set date and time and the work is done according to the time slot.
  • Emails are sent to the users mail address if there is any issues while copying the files or even when the files are all transferred successfully so that users do not have to keep looking at the screen when the work in being done.

The next update of robocopy is supposed to be upgraded enough to solve issues and deals with problems like FTP, one drive solutions, copy to and from Google drive, SharePoint etc. hence, in order to copy files or folders from one drive to another or from one server to another in bulk and you do not wish to face issues while doping the same so that you can do other jobs simultaneously then you can try for Richcopy vs.robocopy features and buy one of them. You can also buy a trial period of the software and use it for a while to see how it works before making the final purchase so that the decision taken is well planned.