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Boosting Elo in LoL with supports? Easy!

Best two Supports for climbing the Elo ladder in League of Legends

Ask anyone: “Could you boost your Elo by playing supports?” And in most cases, you’ll hear that this is impossible. But I will disagree with that statement, I love to use supports while I working at elo-boosters.com! Boosting Elo is quite an easy job, especially on the low ranks and there is no big difference between roles with which you will do it.

Yuumi – the undiscovered potential

Of course, you already know about the newest support in the League of legends – Yuumi. And due to the fact that she is new, she is awesome to boost elo from Iron to Platinum leagues. Nobody still knows how to deal with that champion and how to counter her. So why wouldn’t you be the one who will use that opportunity?


Some of you may say that all she can do is to stay AFK on the lane, but you need to look in the future to see her potential. Just jump to your anchor and poke your enemies and then jump back, bringing chaos into their ranks. Learn how to use her’s escaping utility kit and bait enemies to waste their spells on you!

Karma – Nerfed but not forgotten

Yup, she is not as strong as she was, but she still has some tricks that will confuse your enemy, if you will play with that champion in the right way. But still, she will meet some troubles if you will face such engaging champions like Nautilus, or some extremely mobile assassins. The reason is simple – Karma does not have any instant CC abilities to disable such heroes.


But this problem could be partially solved by picking a Barrier. Keep yourself alive with shields and healing done by Mantra. But remember that just staying alive is not a solution! You need to be aggressive to ease the lane for your ADC.

As soon as you’ll master Karma your ADC will be shielded almost 100% of the time and never forget about Mantra on shielded targets, to apply Defiance on your team. Everyone will love you for the survivability you’ll provide in this case!