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Ways To Optimize SEO And Improve Your Google Ranking

Easy steps on how you can optimize your website for SEO so that it comes all the way up on Google.

And best of all, you can implement the tips immediately, and they will have a noticeable impact on your results in no time.

Google has gotten pretty smart by now, no longer showing the content that has the most backlinks, but the material that provides the most added value to the visitor.

No! All these times are over. What applies today and what will bring you good rankings, is quite simple: The Best Content Wins.

SEO Optimization Basics

Before we start with the optimization, here are a few basics for search engine optimization, you should know. These are important to help you understand how a search engine works and why we do things the way we do them.

  • Google Ranks Pages, Not Domains

Google individually rates all pages on your web page. Each page of your web presence is thus their small unit, which is evaluated individually by the search engine on different criteria.

For you, that means specifically:

  1. Don’t try to rank your domain, but always your pages
  2. The title and meta description should be contained in each page and these should always be unique to avoid duplicate content.
  3. Each page should be a self-contained entity that handles everything about the topic and is complete in itself.
  • Per Page, One Keyword

You should optimize for ONE keyword per page.

Not on 3. Not on 5. ONE!

Many people make the mistake of trying to rank their page for multiple keywords. Not a bad idea in itself, just that does not work.

As a result, your text loses focus and the search engine will not show it properly for either one or the other keyword.

Therefore, focus on one keyword because once you rank well for your primary keyword, you’ll automatically rank well for many other keywords as well.

  • The Better the User Values, the Higher Your Ranking

The title of your website is rock-solid and irresistible

The description of your page is crystal clear and tempts to click.

Your website is designed to be great, easy to use, and your user feels super good about it

Why are all these things so important?

If your content is MEGA-engaging for your visitors, then you cannot help but rank exceptionally well, and it will enormously improve your SEO score and make your content number one.