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The top reasons why you should be using a VPN all the time

VPNs have seen a huge increase throughout the last few years and there is no sign of the faze fading out anytime soon. VPNs offer an amazing service which allows you to surf the Internet in safety.

Using an encrypted connection, the VPN service you join up to creates a blockade around you which prevents any potential cyber attacks or hackers from gaining entry to your account or current online session.

This on its own is a major benefit which many users take full advantage of. Starting out your journey with VPNs often starts with a search for cyberghost on your go to search engine, but what are the main reasons as to why you should actually be using a VPN service all the time?

Stay under the radar

Not all users understand the concept of encryptions but the idea is that only you can access your current online session. Each connection through a VPN has its own encrypted coding which requires a special key, sometimes known as a bit code. This key is usually a long string of numbers or characters which is so complicated it is virtually impossible to crack.

Once you are active in your session there are multiple other security protocols in place to keep all hackers out. And since you are logging online as an anonymous user there is no trace for anyone to track while you are hopping around online.

No cookie trails

Cookies are used by a vast number of businesses online designed to attract people back to their own websites. On the odd occasion they can be beneficial but they can become an annoying pest after a while as they track your movements as you go about your daily business.

Using a VPN leaves no trail for anyone to follow, hacker or cookie. Like staying under the radar, there are no pieces of data being stored or taken throughout the duration of your session because you are logged on through a completely private connection. This also means that if you are shopping for birthday presents, the next user will not see any pop up adds from the online stores you were just using on the same computer.

Extra TV

An added bonus often used with cyberghost vpn is the fact that new IP addresses can be assigned to your current session.

An IP address is a piece of coding which reveals where in the world you are accessing the Internet from. This often causes problems with streaming sites as geoblocks are put in place to ensure that only specific regions get to watch certain content online.

Users normally confronted with an error message saying the content isn’t available in their territory will be able to watch any content they like as VPN providers assign IP addresses from servers based in alternative regions. Meaning if you connect to a German server you can gain access to all German geolocked content.