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The Right EHS Software for You

Picking a software solution of any kind may not always seem as direct as picking a new table for the board room. This is not different for choosing the best EHS software solution for your company and can in fact be considered a massive task. Thus, as a result from this, the job of selecting the right implmentation can span months and even longer to fully integrate.

In the world of software, this is not really a surprise. There are many choices of vendors with almost all of them promising the best and safest EHS software solution such as Employee timesheet software, People management database, etc. But, with little investigation among the array of software choices, it can definitely feel like you are sifting through the EHS marketplace with little sight of the exit.

A recent study by an independent analyst has concluded that there are way too many EHS software vendors that almost present the same thing which only increases the buyers’ confusion. If you think what has been described has hit the nail on the head when describing your experience then you’re in the right place. This article here will try to guide you in finding the best EHS software that will fit your company needs

First and foremost, we have to talk about why EHS software is necessary for all worker safety. Then, we will try to look at all the recommended capabilities of the software and its features, and how it fits with your company once you integrate it. And finally, we will then discuss the best sources that can aid you in your search for an EHS software.

Do you have to buy EHS software

First things first, let us talk about the benefits of EHS software which should be able to compensate for the hefty price you have to pay in buying one.

The definition of EHS software can be summarized as such, it collects and manages a wide range of data on a company’s occupational health and safety and environmental impact. EHS does, after all, stand for Environment, Health and Safety. The data that are tabulated will later then be analysed so it can provide incident insights, and let you put preventative measures in place.

EHS software can help in easing the management process simply by pulling together forms, workflows, notifications, dashboards, libraries and the data warehouse into a single central place where it will consequently improve transparency and enhance performance.

And ultimately, and most importantly, a configurable and flexible EHS software can allow you to move with any new health, safety and environmental compliance legislation so as not incur any penalties from the regulation boards. And additionally, having an EHS software can help plan out and document inspections and audits, so you are never caught out by any unforeseen circumstance.

Now, we understand the importance of EHS software and why you should get one. Our goal however is to get the best one, thus we now look out for these four capabilities.


For a system to be fully integrated to your current workflow might seem too good to pass up. It is certainly very attractive and can attract buyers searching for suitable EHS software that will not disrupt much of how they currently do things. If EHS software was a game of chess then integration and configurability would akin to having an extra queen and a king that can move like a knight. They are not necessities for winning the match but will certainly help you.

Why integration is such a hot feature might be confusing to some first time buyers but to put it simply, an EHS software unable to integrate with your workplace systems is a major inconvenience and will halt operations for no reason at all. When it is easy to switching between systems the time spent will be reduced and it will be easier to continue normal service. What we exactly want is not only a reduction of waste but to avoid shock for the employees who will be working on the new system.

It is quite common that when we talk about integration between IT programs, it will build a unified business process and if something is easier to do, your users are more likely to do it. The main issue comes to user adoption and integration with your other IT personnel, in which even a simple new login password to remember will create a noticeable hiccup in operations.

And finally, if you are able to fit EHS software in with your company’s IT strategy, then the ball now lands on your IT team and they should more likely to be on board with the new systems. You will be making the best out of what your company has already invested in so try not to reinvent the wheel.


EHS is a field that encompasses quite a few subfields and because of that there is an actual need for EHS systems to cater to your specific needs. This should be kept in mind when buying software not only because this will allow you to use the system the way you intend it to be used but also to make sure that the system will not introduce any roadblock in operations.

There are plenty of configurability options that you should demand from the software company you intend to partner with. One of it is language which may not be issue to some if they live in the same country as the developers but can be a real issue when buying software from an outside source. Additionally, you should ensure that the language of the app is not the only display that you can configure but the manual and instructions as well.


Nowadays, when we talk about software, accessibility is akin to mobility. As EHS software is often used in the field outside the four corners of the office, it might well be a requirement for software companies to develop EHS software primarily as a mobile application first than for a desktop.