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The Perfect Options For Random Chat

Online dating sites say it works. And even if you disagree, however you see it, online dating, digital trailer, is another opportunity to meet your soul mate.

Few would have thought that the “Connecting People” carried by mobile phones, random chat rooms and social networks would have triggered a wave of digital hormones that knows no geographical limits. From the Alps to the pyramids, everyone looks at other people’s profiles and it is no coincidence that Facebook was born just like a site to compare and vote for the most beautiful students.

But the point is that the online trailer has its own rules

We must be careful about the photos and the type of random chat messages, knowing how to calibrate the language and the way we present ourselves, be honest but not too much, spread our data but sparingly. To give you a hand in the business we have put together a gallery with 30 tips that will help you find your partner on the Net and as many profile pictures that can only bury your search.

  1. The nickname is fundamental: no numbers at the bottom or tear-jerking self-mockery, like “sfigato77” or “cucciolo83”.
  2. Photo: don’t think about it too much and shoot. Naturalness always rewards.
  3. Smile: most people on the Net seem to have come out of a porn calendar, with faces that would not adorn a fruit basket.
  4. A lonely photo is sad. In your profile you put so many images that illustrate your interests.
  5. Corollary: in the images do not be too Gascon.
  6. Absolute prohibition of infant photos (cartoons and similar) or football. They don’t attract anyone.
  7. Sincerity: avoid sensitive data, but if you have to put them in the first place, choose true ones, especially regarding height, weight and eye color.
  8. Read the profile of others carefully and discover the points to be exploited for the approach.
  9. Use irony: on the Net it is flat of light, muscled, handsome bellocci. Present yourself in an original way and emerge into the crowd.
  10. Find the right phrase: make an aesthetic comment works but you won’t have to stop at trivial muscles, eyes, breasts, buttocks. Better to focus on less exploited features like literary or cinematic tastes, starting to talk about yours.
  11. Absolute prohibition for the words beautiful (but good is fine) and sexy.
  12. The sweetness is up to the candies. Don’t just bet on it otherwise you risk shooting yourself in the foot.
  13. Write a little: the river messages are destined for the trash.
  14. Don’t use acronyms but write the words in full. At least you will show that you know the language in which you are writing.
  15. We are not poets and poetesses so choose a direct and conversational writing style. Panegyrics are repellent.