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The best things you can do now with your phone

Your smartphone is a vital part of your life. The average person spends more than 4 hours a day on their device, using these incredible powerful pieces of technology to perform almost any everyday task on the go. So, what are the best things you can do right now with your phone?


From social networks and messages to calls and notifications, our phones keep us on alert all the time, and often prevent us from relaxing and taking time to refocus on ourselves. But a phone can also accompany us along the path of meditation. Mobile apps are great tools for helping you improve your self-control, boost your confidence and concentration, sleep better and combat anxiety, while guiding you to become more mindful in your everyday life. Check out Sattva for an authentic Vedic meditation experience featuring mantras created by Sanskrit scholars.


For the digitally savvy traveler, a phone is an invaluable guide. It can help you navigate public transport in an unfamiliar city, find places to eat or party, meet new people, and learn the history of the sites you visit. Apps like Packing Pro also provide a checklist of essential items, while others offer weather forecasts, currency conversions, interactive maps, travel disruption notifications, and reviews of attractions to prepare for your trip, helping you to save time and get the best out of wherever you’re heading.


With today’s advanced and super-reliable mobile trading platforms, it’s easy to make your money grow using your phone. Trading with Almahfaza is definitely one of the best mobile trading experiences out there. Almahfaza is a regulated CFD and Forex broker offering investment opportunities on more than 300 financial instruments across different asset classes like currencies, commodities, stocks, indices and ETFs.


One of the best things about smartphones is the ability to talk to friends and relatives anywhere in the world, whenever you want. Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, and FaceTime are the most popular apps, but Snapchat and Telegram are growing in popularity too.

Shopping & Paying

Smartphones deliver a fast and stress-free mobile shopping experience, enabling you to compare prices, pay instantly, track deliveries and monitor your spending to make sure you’re keeping to your budget.

There are also numerous apps that allow you to find detailed information about an item and its components or ingredients. With so much information out there, smart shoppers want to research their purchases in depth, while ethical consumers are naturally keen to make sure they stick to fair trade products that pay the producers of the raw materials properly and are manufactured with respect for the environment. Apps like Shop Ethical! are great resources for the globally conscious consumer.