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Rugged Handheld Devices: Essential to the Manufacturing Industry


Rugged Handhelds including rugged mobile devices and rugged tablets are now used throughout a wide range of industries to increase business activities, however some industries rely on rugged handheld devices more than others – With the manufacturing industry relying on rugged handheld devices than most.

Within the manufacturing industry rugged handheld devices now play incredibly important roles, able to assist companies with the most accurate and impressive inventory control and machinery maintenance. If you want to learn more about how rugged handheld devices assist this industry, we advise that you carry on reading…

Benefits of Rugged Handhelds in Manufacturing Workplaces

  • Rugged handheld devices are an important component required within the manufacturing industry when it comes to inventory control – with most manufacturing companies now using rugged tablets and phones to keep records of their inventories. Using rugged devices to keep records instead of keeping on paper can be beneficial for a number of reasons including because it allows data to be recorded more quickly, and that they can provide data with more protection.
  • Rugged handhelds can be used to inform managers when stocks are running low and more of any item needs ordering to ensure that their customers can always purchase their products without having to wait long periods of time.
  • Rugged handheld devices can enable manufacturing companies to run as smoothly as possible – allowing businesses to keep track of maintenance work and schedule repairs in one easy-to-manage location. This also allows multiple people to access data information at any one time and from any location, allowing for all employees to constantly be on the same page.
  • Rugged phones and computers can allow employee within huge and busy manufacturing workplaces to contact each other quickly and efficiently, without having to send out search parties.
  • Rugged computing replaces regular computing and can give manufacturing much more confidence when using electronic devices, knowing that their devices aren’t going to break on them unexpectedly, and that they won’t even break should they drop them from height.

These are of course only some of the ways that rugged handheld devices can assist manufacturing companies in growth too, there are many, many more benefits of using rugged computing solutions in the manufacturing industry, with exact benefits ranging from company to company. No two companies are the same.


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