Saturday, March 18, 2023
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Qualities of a Good Photo Editor

Taking good pictures don’t just make your image pleasing; you have to learn how also to edit them to match what you want.

Also, learn some simple but very effective tips that will transform the images you capture with your cell phone into better and better clicks.

·VSCO Cam (Android and iOS)

When you are in search for a really interesting and professional editor for your cell phone, the first one on the list for sure is VSCO Cam. Forget the very artificial filters, the frames, and these more artistic features, since this app has another footprint. Its effects and tools promise natural air and make your photo more like analog camera beats.

But do not expect those retro filters so famous in today’s editing applications. The analog effect that this program applies is very subtle, and the changes are in the details.

·Pixlr Express (Android and iOS)

This application is a good alternative if your phone is not compatible with VSCO Cam and you do not want to pay for extra charges.


It brings hundreds of filters, does not spoil the quality of the photos and allows you to leave the photos with a more beautiful face and charm. It features retro-looking filters, color and texture effects, frames and more.

·Pixlr Express:

Using Pixlr Express is very easy, and you can combine one or more filters to form a new look. You can control the amount of each effect even frames, textures, and manual editing tools, and you have the option of saving photos in any size and proportion, as long as you do not extract the maximum from that file.

· Studio Design Android and iOS:

After editing the lighting, color and texture of your photos, how about decorating them with texts and other elements? Studio Design is a kind of mix of an auto enhancer, design tool, and social network.

Auto enhancer is a great alternative for those who like to edit photos with texts and larger elements, such as flat geometric shapes and bands that look like hand-drawn. The advantage is that everything is very well done and modern, with an elegant and tasteful look.