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Make your conversations disappear with this ingenious app

Many people today worry about privacy and security. Companies and organizations constantly collect, track, and store our data. People are uneasy about sharing sensitive information online or via text messaging. The data and communication management tools of today give users greater control over their data.

Users can create plain text notes in PrivNote, a free online service that disappears after reading. It allows sending private messages or information without leaving a trail. PrivNote messages cannot be forwarded, copied, or printed – once opened, the note disappears from the PrivNote server. The note creator also manually sets an expiration time, after which the note disappears even if unread. The app runs on all modern browsers and devices without needing any extensions or downloads. It works by storing encrypted notes on its server and decrypting them temporarily when a user opens the link. The unique self-destructing link is all you need to read a PrivNote.

what is private message? This note contains up to 4500 characters. Once done, clicking the “Create Note” button generates a unique link for this note. This PrivNote link then be copied and sent to anyone you wish via email, messaging apps, or social media. Clicking the link will open the PrivNote website again and display the note. PrivNote’s servers erase the note as soon as the recipient reads it. There is no way to reopen the note after closing it. If desired, an expiration time from 1 minute to 7 days also be set which will automatically delete the note after that duration irrespective of whether it is being read or not. Notes also be password-protected for an additional layer of security.

  • Self-destructing notes – The core value proposition of PrivNote is ephemeral messaging. Notes are permanently deleted once a link is clicked.
  • No accounts needed – PrivNote does not require creating an account or signing up. Just visit the website and start creating notes.
  • Nothing is stored – Only the messages are temporarily stored in encrypted form on PrivNote’s server. No data mining takes place.
  • Additional security – Password protection and expiration timers further enhance privacy. Notes also cannot be printed or copied for sharing elsewhere.
  • Completely anonymous – No identifying information of any kind is required to be used privately. The service collects zero user data.
  • Multiplatform – It works seamlessly on all browsers and mobile devices. Native apps are also available.

Common Privacy Scenarios

  • Tip-offs – Whistleblowers and anonymous sources often need secure ways to share information without revealing their identity. PrivNote allows this with its unnamed notes.
  • Personal matters – Discussing private relationships, family issues, health details, etc. need ephemeral chats that leave no trails behind.
  • Financial information – Safely sharing bank account details, credit card numbers, accounting data with accountants, etc. is easier with self-destructing notes.
  • Sensitive business data – Companies exchange confidential prototypes, documents, trade secrets, or legal contracts securely using PrivNote.
  • Private social media – For sharing posts, photos, or videos that you want to remain private from other contacts and the social media provider as well.