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Important Information You Can Store In HR Software

HR is the department that works behind the scene and controls the working of whole organization from there. The seamless working of this department results in smooth functioning of the whole organization. HR has to deal with loads of information. The best way to deal with such bulk load of records is by making use of HR software. Here are a few important informational records that can be stored in this software.

  1. Employee profiles: The users can store and also archive the records of the employees working in the organization. The older records can be archived and used for future references. The employee profile includes name, designation, term of employment, projects handled and so on. So, by making use of this software, HR knows exactly what the employees are doing or have done during their term in the organization. This can be done with the help of Personnel Database Softwares. .
  2. Employee pay records: Payroll software or the software for HR calculates the paydays of the employees. It also keeps records of the paid and unpaid leaves or extraordinary leaves taken during the tenure. Those who have variable component in the salary can also get the information about the same through this software. The user can also compare the monthly and yearly compensation to find any loopholes.
  3. Tax liabilities: Software for HR can help in finding the tax liabilities of the employees. The reimbursements and renumerations done may be subject to the taxation. Thus, records for all this information pertaining to income tax liability, tax declaration, PAN details, bank details etc. can be saved in this software.
  4. Training records: One of the roles of the HR is to train the employees too. The software can be used to record the training needs and intimate the prospective trainees about the same using payroll management software.

So, have a bird’s eye view of the organization’s functioning by installing HR management tool and have every important information just a click away.