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How To Find Leads With Email Finder

The Internet offers many opportunities, and one such opportunity is business owners finding prospects on the web. About 50% of the world population uses the Internet every day which is around 3.2 billion people and this amount is growing daily. It means that you will find emails of leads for your business easily though the market is highly competitive.

The problem is how to reach out to the prospects? You can easily find leads and their email addresses from any web page with a prospecting tool like Wonder how to find leads with Email Finder? Email Finder Email Finder is an efficient tool that can help you find emails from any web page within a very short time. Emails obtained with Email Finder are not just random emails, they are authentic emails used by active users, and if you need to verify them, you can do this with Email Verifier, a prospecting tool that checks the validity and activeness of any given email.

Except for web application, you can use the Email Finder Chrome extension as well. Below, you can follow the functions provided by Email Finder, both web app and the extension.

  • Find emails from social media pages: visit a group or a personal profile page on the professional social network relating to your brand/business and extract emails of users so that you can get in touch with them via email drip campaigns.
  • Extract emails from search engine result pages: search for a specific keyword and find emails from the search engine page results. The tool is very helpful for upcoming brands or people building website SEO.
  • Find emails by domain: all websites have multiple emails they use for communicating with users but not all the emails are made visible for some reason. If you are so keen on seeing every email associated with a specific domain, Email Finder can help you do that.
  • Find emails by name or company: often, people who might be the leads for your business might be working in a definite company or an organization; you can’t just walk up to the company and request for the staffs’ email list. But you can acquire such a list with the help of Email Finder. You simply need to perform the Company profile search and save the found email addresses to the prospects list and verify it later.

Not impressed yet? Here are some benefits of Email Finder:

  • Fast: there are tools similar to Email Finder but not all of them are so fast. Email Finder can find hundreds of emails within seconds. Imagine how many it will find within minutes or hours.
  • Simple and convenient: with Email Finder, you can extract, save, and verify an unlimited number of emails in just a few clicks (the plan you pay for is the limit). The tool doesn’t require any specialized knowledge to use.
  • Versatile: there are two ways you can extract emails from webpages, via the website or the Google Chrome extension.

Find emails with Boolean search

A Boolean search or Linker is a search function that accepts multiple parameters. Boolean search is useful in finding potential workers. With this tool, you can pinpoint employers around the world, extract their emails, and reach out to them. Follow the steps described below to use this search type.

Step 1. Proceed to main page and login with your account or quickly create a new one if you don’t have (to speed up the progress, sign up with Google).

Step 2. Click the Tools tab and select ‘Linker’ in the drop-down menu.

Step 3. On the next page, add requested information in the provided inputs such as Job Title, Location, Skills, and so on. There are additional options that filter the generated results such as Exclude skills or Jobs and vice versa, add a few more search filters.  

Step 4. Open a new tab and visit the Google Webstore, install the Email Finder to the Chrome browser. Once the installation is successfully over, a purple icon with the letter S appears in the browser toolbar.

Step 5. Go back to the web application tab, visit any page from the result listed.

Step 6. Once the page has finished loading, click the extension icon, all emails on the current web page will be listed. You can select all the email addresses or just some that suit you, then select which folder you want to save them to.

Why not find emails easily?

As you can see, the email finder provided by is really easy-to-use. Having the extension at hand, you can find emails on any website. And working with the web application, you can perform dofferent types of search in a matter of minutes. Also, you can write to people right from the extension. Cool, yeh?

Don’t you think that with such a tool, you will quickly grow the client base? Moreover, offers some other tools to help you skyrocket sales and expand the business.