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How to Convert NEF Image File to JPG?

If you are new into photography and don’t know how to convert NEF to JPG file format, then don’t worry, here we are to help you out. There are various software and applications online like reaconverter that will help convert your NEF image file to JPG quickly without much difficulty.  The NEF files are not compatible with other computers, laptops, and smartphones. The Problem for most of the photographers and beginners is that they cannot find an easy way to convert their raw files into JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, or other image file formats. In this article we have explained how can you convert your pictures from NEF to JPG format easily and quickly?

What are NEF Files?

NEF that is Nikon Electronic Format that is used only by the Nikon cameras. The Images with NEF format are also referred to as Nikon Raw Image File. The NEF is sometimes also called as Nikon Electronic File. The Raw image files are files that retain everything that is captured by the camera and lens, including the information like metadata of the image, and so thus the NEF images. The NEF is based on the TIFF file format called as Tagged Image File Format also abbreviated as TIF, which is raster format for storing graphics. If you want to share your digitals photos clicked from your Nikon camera, then you first need to convert them from NEF to JGP.  

The NEF or we can call them as raw images are not ready to be used right after the click and NEF files are therefore sometimes also called as Digital Negatives. NEF files also do not open in the Windows, and you need to install Microsoft camera codec pack to open your raw images like NEF, DNG, CRC or others. You can also open NEF files easily in Adobe Photoshop, Aftershot Pro, RAWer, etc.

How to convert them into JPG Easily?

For anyone with the Nikon camera, all they want is to have easy conversion tools. There are numerous online converters, applications, and software for conversion and one of them is reaconverter that not only allows you to convert, but also edit the pictures at the same time. Also, it enables you to convert a number of images at the same time that is batch conversion so that you can save your time. Reaconverter is an excellent option for those who need to convert a large number of images quickly and easily on a regular basis.