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How to Check Website Backlinks to Ensure They’re Reputable: A Guide

Paid backlinks cost just over $361 on average, according to studies done by marketing experts. With such a hefty price tag, it’s important to know you’re getting what you pay for.

The best site content in the world won’t help your SEO efforts if your site backlinks are weak.

The Google search algorithm evaluates backlinks regularly, and the reputation of the sites that link to yours can drag your site down or lift it up in search rankings.

It’s important to check website backlinks regularly, and know what to look out for. Keep reading to learn what you should know.

What Makes a Good Backlink?

A good website backlink acts as a professional reference: it tells the search algorithm that a source it trusts agrees that your website is strong in a particular topic.

Good Site Backlinks

Good site backlinks are trusted, reliable sites that already have high authority with search engines. The best backlinks come from a site that is relevant to your industry, that also has high domain authority and a solid social media presence.

It’s even better when your website backlink appears in long-form articles and inside quality content. Learn more about how to find backlinks here.

Bad Site Backlinks

Bad site backlinks are easy to get. In fact, the difficulty you have in getting a backlink can help indicate the quality of the site in question for link building.

A bad site backlink is one that’s irrelevant to your industry or on a site with little domain authority or a bad reputation with the search engines.

How to Check Website Backlinks

Once you know the importance of strong website backlinks in building your SEO efforts, the next step is learning how to check your website backlinks to find out whether they’re a strength or a liability. It’s possible to check backlinks manually, using Google Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools).

From there, you can go through and verify each of the backlinks your site has received. You can check their domain authority and ensure that you have the best backlinks to promote your site.

This does have the disadvantage that you have to check every site yourself, which is time-consuming.

Fortunately, there are many tools you can use to check the quality of your backlinks. These tools allow you to input your domain, and check where your site is popping up in backlinks. They work by indexing hundreds of thousands or even millions of websites, to be able to check them for links to your site.

A good backlink checker will take the hard work out of making sure that your site’s backlinks are strong, but you can also often keep tabs on your competition at the same time.

Get the Most Out of Your Site Backlinks

Learning how to check website backlinks is an easy step towards improving your online content performance and SEO efforts.

Site backlinks are essential to ranking high in search engine results, but a bad quality backlink will only drag your site authority down.

Get the search result rankings boost your business needs by checking your backlinks regularly.

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