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How Can Ping Booster Be Beneficial For Better Performance?

The latency optimizer has a performance recorder, ping test, speed test, packet monitor, and latency test. All these tools help in analyzing the causes of high latency, low ping, lag, and FPS drops in terms of online games and application. The performance of your computer can be recorded while you are playing or working. It will also help in measuring ping, upload, and download speed, test the status of the current latency, and monitor your network of the computer.

  • The ping booster test will help you not only show the result of upload and download speed but also allows you to test your ping. This test will feature the save your test result, and you will have a full history of speed tests.
  • Next, you can opt for a latency test as this will measure how fast and in what quality your computer or workstation can get data packet to a server located in the world and back. By doing the latency test, your connection and computer processing will perform better.
  • The network info tools list network helps in network related information and provides log traffic which passes over your digital network. This tool will help in monitoring your network activities in detail.
  • The control panel in latency optimizer offers you easy and quick to use functions via the quick access bar. It enables you a specially designed game accelerator which can process the optimizations.
  • If you want to reduce high latency, fix lag or FPS drop, and lower ping in various online games available, then you can set up your computer’s CPU as your priority in the game of your choice.

All these tools can be used in combination for better performance of the game and to give you better results and troubleshooting ways.