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Best Q&A Sites for Coding & Programming Questions in 2022 

Programming is a fascinating topic that provides us with superhuman abilities to manage computer systems. It has a wide range of applications, including aeroplanes, traffic control, robotics, self-driving cars, websites, mobile apps, and many more.

The important point now is that software developers have built a variety of programming languages, each of which is appropriate for solving different issues.

Is there a distinction between coding and programming? The process of translating one set of commands into another is known as coding. For example, you might use code to convert HTML to a picture that can be displayed on a website. Variables, functions, loops, and other components are used in coding, as well as syntax and grammar. The construction of computer programmes, on the other hand, is programming. These apps may be used for a variety of tasks, including email sorting and scientific experimentation. To construct computer programmes, you may utilise a variety of programming languages. C++ and Swift are two examples. Programmers are those that produce code and programming. In the industry, both coding and programming are quite useful.

Top Rated Q&A Sites for Coding Questions in 2022

  • Devhubby( devhubby.com)
  • Quora
  • Reddit
  • StackExchange
  • CodeProject

How do you ask for programming help the right way?

In order to ask for programming assistance, you must first conduct extensive research. You must comprehend the terminology you’re employing as well as the principles that behind them. Here are some pointers on how to ask for programming assistance: When requesting assistance, be explicit. 

You don’t want to ask someone whether they can solve an algorithm that is completely outside of their expertise. You’d want to ask them how to tackle a problem in your particular programming language. 

This will help you limit down the scope of your request for assistance and avoid getting confused when asking someone how to solve that algorithm in general, which can lead to irritation and misunderstanding.

Become a member of an online coding community. When you first join, some communities may be a little ahead of you, but you’ll quickly catch up. These sites allow you to learn about new technologies and receive comments from other people. Devhubby, Github, Project Euler, and CodeAcademy, as well as Geeks for Geeks, CodeChef, and Reddit’s programming subreddit, are all considered coding communities.

Before diving into any of these possibilities, it’s critical to understand which learning approach works best for you. Is it beneficial to read? Is it beneficial to practise? Do you like to learn from videos?

To improve your talents, you must first understand yourself. A lot of coding is stepping out of your comfort zone and into the unknown, but being self-aware is also important.