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Advantages of MS Access to the Cloud – How Cloud is beneficial

Today, almost everyone is familiar with the concept of the cloud and more and more applications are now available online. Several businesses now prefer the cloud approach when it comes to business software packages.

So, if you have developed an app in Microsoft Access the question is how you can move the access database to the cloud computing system. This feature is available for both commercial and individual access.

This quick guide on MS Access to the cloud can help you to land on the page of Microsoft website aboutsharing access databases. Microsoft used to suggest Office 365 hosted SharePoint site for data holding, but interestingly it no longer recommends users on the same. Access gives the best performance when the app has a reliable and fast connection to the data and it’s unlikely to be so with those hosted at the other end.

Enjoy the best performance with cloud access 


You can think about Access running on local PCs. Forms and queries are in the usual place like the tables as you can find on the C: drive, hence the performance is spot on usually.


The second layer is when the Access in the cloud is working on the corporate network. Each of the users has his own front end executable file with the queries, forms and reports all connected to the backend database, containing multiple data tables on the shared network drive. This approach works the best but comparative to the local service, the performance is slow.


Theoretically, you can run access in the cloud across the Wide Area Network but unless you are getting 100 MBPS or more leased line between the data and the app, performance is almost unacceptable.


You can imagine trying to connect an Access app to the database on the internet such as SharePoint on office 365. But usually due to inadequate performance developers prefer to give up on it.

Cloud Access on SQL server hosting

Another option you can get while moving the access database to the cloud is connecting the local Access app to a SQL database hosting. As the SharePoint method discussed above, you will still get a disconnection between the data and the application. Hence, unless your business has a really fast internet connection, the performance level will less likely to be appropriate.

Benefits of shifting access database to the cloud via hosted remote desktop services

Businesses prefer cloud-based apps as they do not have to worry about anything. They just need to pay a specific amount for subscriptions and the provider takes care of the rest. Also, there is no headache about antivirus, backups, updates, support, upgrades or licences. Moving access to the cloud through a hosted remote desktop service is also exactly similar. The provider looks after all the necessities leaving you to just access the application without any trouble.

Database changes are also easier, you just need to release a new-front end and save the same on the server so that everyone can get it. There is no need to visit every PC to deploy a new version.

Connecting to a remote desktop service needs a small part of the software, remote desktop client built in the windows – so it’s easy and quick to roll out. There are even clients for iPad, Apple Mac and Android services; hence you are not restricted as to what PCs you can run your apps on.

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