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5 Great Image Editing Tips to Keep in Mind

Did you know that 71% of selfies are edited? One reason for this phenomenon of altered photos is because it is so simple anyone can do it. However, you can do more than add filters to your profile pics.

If you want to know how to edit any photo like a pro then you need to understand all the tools available to you.

Read on for 5 must-have editing tips to keep in mind.

1. Edit in Layers

Image editing is time-consuming when you have to go back and repeat your steps if one edit goes wrong. However, there is an easy fix to this problem.

Working in layers helps you save your work as you go by editing in sections rather than the whole picture. This allows you to make edits without affecting other parts of your photo. It also makes it easy to return to older edits without hitting the undo button.

2. Find the Right Background

The background of a photo is just as important as the focal point. It can make your image pop or drown it out. Therefore you may need to remove background images and replace them with a solid color or insert a new background from another photo.

This task is simple with the background eraser tool on Adobe. It automatically detects the focal image and instantly removes the background for free. You can then download your new image or sign up to access customized features.

3. Take Advantage of Presets

One of the best editing hacks is to avoid doing more work than you need to. And one way to limit your work is to use preset editing tools. Some programs will have presets already installed to seamlessly edit your photo for you.

This may be all you need to get the desired effect. However, you can also download more editing presets to find the one that best fits your photo.

4. Utilize Select Color Function

Doing color corrections by hand when photo editing takes precision and patience. If you have many edits to perform on a certain color then you can use the select color function to speed up the process.

This is helpful when you want to change the tone of one section or completely change the color of large areas of your photo.

5. Crop and Adjust Frame Angle

This editing guide coUld not be complete without mentioning cropping and angle adjustment.

You may have the perfect image but it includes unnecessary objects or is slightly crooked. Use the crop and angle tool to easily create the perfect image.

You can also crop sections of your photos and rearrange the images to make them more unique. Or crop out extra space that makes your photo too large. The angle adjustment is used to fix horizons or create a different perspective for your photo.

Learning New Editing Tips

These editing tips are quick and easy to learn. All it takes is practice, so play around with them on your photos to become familiar with how they can improve your work.

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